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The Real Reason You Don't Have Enough Coaching Clients

Posted by Julia Stewart

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There may be millions of blog posts on how to get coaching clients, but some new coaches still need more...

Most "experts" at client attraction ignore the true underlying reasons coaches don't always have as many clients as they want. I'm going to address that here.

If you want more coaching clients than you have, most likely it's not because of your inability to coach, market, sell, or run a business, although, sometimes those are factors.

And maybe fear plays a role, but it may not be stopping you as much as this:

You don't have all the clients you want, because you're not addicted to getting clients.

You read that right.

A colleague of mine once told me she was tired of being a coach, because she didn't like doing all the things you have to do to get clients.

I asked her what she was doing to get clients. She said, "Nothing."

We both chuckled, but it's a deadly habit. Coaches don't reach out to potential clients and those people don't get the coaching they need.

Thomas Leonard called it, "I intend, therefore the phone will ring." Ouch.

Why don't coaches reach out more? Because they're not getting enough dopamine.

Yes, dopamine. It's the "reward" neurotransmitter. Everytime your brain produces it, you light up, giggle, and have fun.

Facebook, Google, Instagram, Fitbit, your phone; all have been cleverly designed to trigger shots of dopamine that get you hooked on them, which is why so many of us are glued to our devices. We are addicted.

In the case of Fitbit, the addiction may be a healthy one...

If you became as addicted to attracting clients as you are to your phone, you'd have a full coaching practice by now.

If you spent more intensely engaged effort of getting clients as you do at Candy Crush, you'd have a full practice, plus a waiting list by now. You need to swap out your Candy Crush addiction for Client Attraction Addiction.

How can you foster this Client Attraction Addiction?

  • Turn attracting clients into a fun game.
  • Make it the number one project in your life.
  • Invite your coaching colleagues to a friendly competition.
  • Create rewards for every step in the right direction.
  • Stop using social media and whatever else you're already addicted to and replace it with client attraction addiction (CAD).
  • Everytime you're tempted to reach for your addictive substance, take a step toward more clients, instead.
  • Surround yourself with positive people who acknowledge you whenever you have a win or even a solid try.
  • Share your good fortune with people who pat you on the back.
  • Avoid sharing with people who ignore your success, only point out problems, or just say, "That's nice."
  • Build positivity into the process.
  • Focus first on actions that are fun.
  • Continue actions that are both fun and effective.
  • Keep up the momentum.
  • Celebrate every win.
  • Create fabulous outcomes for your clients.
  • Let your clients become your ambassadors.
  • Keep going...

Looking for a way to make client attraction a fun game? Join Coach 100 Business Success. We'll give you the tools. Develop your CAD and fill that practice!

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New Coaches: Which of These Entrepreneur Types Should You Be?

Posted by Julia Stewart

Coaches are often confused when first designing their businesses - and sometimes they feel guilty too! Maybe they think they're spending too little time with the kids, or bringing in too little money. Or maybe the house isn't as clean as it used to be, or key members of family aren't fully on board.

Relax: you're normal!

This infographic from My Corporation will help you see how you compare with other small business owners:

What Kind of Entrepreneur Should You Be?


New to the business of coaching, but want to attract clients quickly? Coach 100 has been helping coaches fill their coaching practices for a decade:

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What's Standing Between You and a Full Coaching Practice?

Posted by Julia Stewart

Whether you're a brand new coach or a veteran, one of the most painful experiences is to have too few coaching clients.

If that's you, read on...

What's standing between you and a full coaching practice











What’s the #1 thing stopping you from filling your coaching practice?

I’m a new coach

- SOLUTION: Time; stick with it

I’m shy, unsure

- SOLUTION: Experience creates confidence; so get to work ;-)

I don’t feel like a real coach, yet (credibility to self and others)

- SOLUTION: Start coaching, now and you’ll immediately BE a real coach!

I don’t know who/how to invite

- SOLUTION: You may need training to get started and enough practice that you'll learn everything you need

I’m too busy with something else

- SOLUTION: Commitment; stop kidding yourself! Do you really want this?

I hate to market

- SOLUTION: You need to shift perspective, because all human communication is marketing

I have a fear of rejection

- SOLUTION: Either feel the fear and do it anyway, or work with a coach or psychotherapist to get over your fear once and for all. For many people, doing the feared activity over and over reduces or eliminates the fear.

What's standing between you and a full coaching priactice?

Whatever your reason for not having the coaching business you really want, Coach 100 can help you get it.

Learn about the Coach 100 Program, by reading the free ebook. Coach 100 Basic is specially priced for a limited time.


Coach 100 eBook

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Posted by Julia Stewart

This is a problem that can be so painful, that coaches don't like to talk about it.


Fancy term for, "You don't have enough money to make it."

What it looks like is a slow-motion train wreck, at least if you have enough experience to recognize it. That is, if you don't have a big blind spot in the area of money.

I see this all the time in new coaches. I even see it in big coaching organizations. I've gotten good at recognizing it.

Sometimes our dreams are so big, that we shoot for the moon when we don't have enough money to make it across town. 

Of course, a big dream can move you forward, right? Right and wrong. Right, if you're open to how it's going to show up. Wrong if you're so attached to it that you make poor choices.

Poor choices happen to coaches who are short on operating funds, often because they are struggling to make money this month just to cover expenses. When you're scrambling to make ends meet, that's when you make dumb choices. 

To have a successful business, you need to make long-range plans. Not just a fantasy or even a vision, but step by step plans. The plan will change, of course, because the horizon will change and hopefully you're keeping an eye on that, but if your plan is just to raise enough money to get you through until success miraculously finds you, then it'll never find you, because what you're really focused on is just getting by. Know any coaches like that?

We create what we focus on. Make sure you have enough money that you don't need to worry about it, while you're building your business. Keep the focus on the abundance that you're creating, not the scarcity of living hand to mouth. This requires a certain comfort with risk, by the way. If you don't have that, then building your own business may not be the right game for you.

If you don't have a couple hundred thousand dollars to fall back on during the first few years of building your coaching business, then don't quit your day job. Or else, get a part-time job that will help you. Or borrow the money. Don't try to make it on a shoe string. That's just asking for stuckness.

The first year of my coaching business, I spent about $10,000 on coach training, conferences, mentoring, and upgrading my office. Some of it was out-of-pocket. Some went on credit cards. I earned less than $2,000 by coaching that year. I supported myself with another business that didn't require all my time. My first financial goal was to be earning as much per month by coaching as I was spending on coaching. It took over a year to get there.

Then my goal became earning enough to "pay back" everything I had spent on coaching, up to that point. It took a couple of years to do that.

Now my goal is to easily pay all my expenses while saving and investing at least 25% of what I make each year from coaching.

If I hadn't had a good income and available credit, I couldn't have become a coach. It's that simple. Miracles do happen, but as my pastor says, "We are the answer to our own prayers." If you're not willing to make a substantial financial investment in your own coaching success, then maybe you don't really believe in it.

When you have true faith, you don't try to control. You can afford to let success show up how it wants to. Having enough money, as well as other resources, like time, is why you can afford to have faith. That's when miracles find you.

When I hear coaches complain about how expensive coach training and mentoring is, I know they're trying to control. I also know that they probably won't make it, unless they learn to allow the world to just show up as it is and find a way to fit with that. That's when you're ready to "leverage everything" and that's when miracles happen.

Copyright, Julia Stewart, 2005

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