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How will Coach 100 fill your coaching business with paying clients?

Thousands of new business and life coaches enter this competitive profession each year. And hundreds of entrepreneurs and internet marketers know that new coaches need clients, so selling client attraction programs to new coaches is a booming business. But who makes money on those programs? What really works?

Who can you trust to help you succeed as a coach?

Coach 100 was inspired by the legendary Founder of the Coaching Profession, Thomas Leonard, who was beloved by thousands for his genius and integrity.

Thomas was right about Coach 100!

100% of coaches who complete the Coach 100 process get coaching clients. 87% have full coaching practices, some in as little as three months! If you're a brand-new coach with no business experience, it may take six months or more.

The problem is everything else takes longer!

Coach 100 leverages the explosive power of big adventures and the viral power of word of mouth to create a marketing engine that brings clients to you, instead of you endlessly chasing them.

Don't be the coach who chases clients:


The more you chase, the faster potential clients disappear. Instead, be smart enough to use your strengths to attract ideal clients to you.

Coach your way to success.

Watch this video on how to get a full coaching practice with Coach 100:


This program is for you if you want to build your coaching business by COACHING instead of spending all your time on Sales & Marketing.


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  • You'll stop thinking about coaching and start doing it
  • You'll get a simple and effective approach to building your business
  • You'll get tools that streamline the business-building process, so you can make more money sooner
  • You'll master your Complimentary Coaching Sessions
  • You'll get your 1st coaching clients
  • You'll fill up your coaching practice
  • You'll discover your niche/s
  • You'll get valuable feedback from every client
  • You'll find out what makes you unique as a coach
  • You'll become a better coach
  • You'll start building your email marketing list
  • You'll get your own web page, optimized for search engines like Google, so potential clients can actually find you
  • You'll join a community of like-minded coaches
  • You'll start making more money as a coach
  • You'll qualify for ICF certification
  • You'll get coaching testimonials
  • You'll get client referrals
  • Much, much more...

Get the thrill of knowing that you're succeeding as a coach, with a full coaching practice and the solid income that goes with it!


Simple! Build your coaching business by coaching. And build your confidence, skills, and value, all at the same time.

  • In the classes, you'll learn how to find your first potential coaching clients and invite them to complimentary coaching sessions.
  • Each individual you coach will fill out a private online feedback survey , telling you how you did, so you learn from each one. See Example Here
  • The survey will also ask if that individual wants to continue working with you. If they say 'Yes', you've got a client!
  • In addition, the survey requests testimonials, which boost your credibility with future potential clients.
  • You'll also get referrals (So your clients do your marketing for you). Most people you coach will give testimonials and referrals with this survey.
  • This system is a marketing engine that keeps adding more clients to your business!

You really can make money doing what matters to you - as long as you use a system that works!


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  • Your own webpage on our site, optimized for search engines, so potential clients can come to you
  • Your own private feedback system, so you learn from every client See Example Here
  • An automated system that collects email addresses, testimonials, referrals and even invites clients to continue working with you
  • You'll get convincing data on the success of your coaching, which you can share with potential clients See Example Here
  • A private online feedback folder to organize everything for you

This system has helped hundreds of coaches fill their businesses. 87% who finish have full coaching practices. It's an investment in your success and it will pay you back again and again.


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Want more? Coach 100 Pro teaches you how it's done

  • Get all 25 hour-long recorded Coach 100 MP3's and videos in which Julia Stewart teaches you how to leverage 100 coaching sessions into a full coaching practice - Listen as coaches like you ask the thousands of questions that come up as someone fills his/her coaching practice for the first time and hear the answers right away from the experts (Every class also includes written coaching guides, with resources to help you succeed)
  • Receive sample welcome emails, reminders, coaching agreements and more to save you time and streamline the process
  • Swap experiences and stay inspired with the community of coaches who are also coaching 100 people, at the private Coach 100 Study Group, exclusively for members of this program
  • Read Julia Stewart's Coaching Blog, where she shares insider tips on building an incredible coaching business
  • When you've coached 100 people you can get the Certified Experienced Coach designation (CEC), with a PDF Certificate to hang on your wall and a cool badge for your website - for an extra charge of $100USD - if you want it
  • In fact, once you're awarded the CEC, you can KEEP your webpage and feedback system, if you want, even after your 2-year membership expires, for just $25 per month!
  • Regular price of this proven 2-year program is $977USD. Save even more if you act quickly, below.

So many so-called experts try to sell marketing programs to life and business coaches, but how many of them can say that 100% of coaches who complete their programs get paying clients - and 87% get full coaching practice?

Join the Coach 100 Revolution Now!


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Coach 100 Business Success

Our Value-Back Guarantee: If we don't deliver the value we promise, tell us right away and we'll make it right, period.




Take up to 2-years to complete this business-building program (most do it in one year or less). It could be the best investment you ever make in yourself and your business!

Still not sure? Read what real Coach 100 coaches, such as Dan Surface, have to say about their experiences. Then read what the experts (some of whom, also used this program to build their successful businesses) are saying about it.

“Coach 100 was the best thing I ever did to get off to a fast start in my coaching business!” – Business Coach, Dan Surface, CEC

More testimonials about the effectiveness of Coach 100 fill the borders of this webpage.


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