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The Certified Positive Psychology Coach Program at School of Coaching Mastery prepares you for professional coaching and certification with the IAPPC.

Positive psychology is the future of coaching!

This is the only program that fully integrates positive psychology and neuroscience with advanced coaching skills to prepare you to be a professional positive psychology coach.

"When you have achieved a credential through Julia's school, you know that you have the skills to be a world class coach."

- Paula Facci, PCC, CPPC, Brazil (View more testimonials here.)

"As a graduate of the program, I highly recommend it for both new and experienced coaches. Thank you, Julia Stewart!"

- David W. McQuarrie, CPPC, Canada (View more testimonials here.)

"Just wanted to share that I love the coaching certification I did with your program, and find it's really set me apart from some other coaches. Not just the positive psychology piece, but teaching right from the start master level coaching."

- Stacey Olson, CPPC, USA (View more testimonials here.)

"I selected this program because having an explicit focus on positive psychology as a basis for effective coaching practices provides additional tools for supporting those we serve. I love emphasizing the possibilities for a person's life on their terms, in the ways they thrive."

- Winnie Dunn, PhD, CPPC, USA (View more testimonials here.)


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Certified Positive Psychology Coach Program Courses:
  • C1: Introduction to Positive Psychology Coaching - 20 hr, perfect course for new coaches
  • C2: Positive Psychology Tools for Coaches - 24 hr, perfect for coaches who are new to PP
  • C3: Neuroscience Tools for Coaches - 24 hr, perfect for coaches who are new to NS
  • C4: Advanced PP and NS Coach Training - 32 hr, perfect for intermediate PP or NS coaches
  • C5: Certified Positive Psychology Coach Final Project and Practicum - 16 hr, Graduation and Certification
  • C6: Advanced Topics in PP and NS Coaching - 24 hr, perfect for advanced PP and NS coaches
  • C7: Certified Group Coach - 16 hr, perfect for certified coaches who want to coach groups
  • C8: Certified Integral Coach - 16 hr, perfect for certified coaches who are ready for complexity
"I have loved every minute of the program and l am looking forward to continuing in the master level program. The learning has been amazing and It has been so fulfilling to be able to bring all of the positive psychology tools to my clients and witness all of the forward movement in their lives!"
- Jennifer Rodrigues, CPPC USA
"I am very happy to be in class and learning again. I think the extra step towards master coaching is helpful in synthesizing all of what we learned last year and what I have been applying so far. It's interesting to come into class with more experience and have more practice with which to consider the theory." - Leah Zimmerman, CPPC USA

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"One of my favorite positive psychology tools is values exploration which allows clients to leverage the natural fulfillment they derive from being in sync with what matters most to them and to reach their goals with greater ease.” - Kelley A. Russell-DuVarney, CPPC USA

What is positive psychology? Positive Psychology is the study of what helps human beings flourish and, as such, it goes hand-in-hand with effective coaching. Positive psychology began to develop in the late 20th Century and was officially recognized, as an area of study, in the late 1990s, when the Father of Positive Psychology, Martin Seligman, then President of the American Psychological Association, made positive psychology the focus of his presidency.  Since then, a flood of research has been done on what thoughts, tools, attitudes, behaviors, and interventions promote well-being and help people flourish.


"What surprised me about positive psychology coaching is that little things can make a big difference.” - Sai Bhupalam, CPPC India


What is positive psychology coaching? Positive psychology coaches use tools and interventions that have been identified by research into positive psychology and related fields, such as neuroscience, to help their clients achieve greater happiness, well-being, and success. They take research into positive psychology and translate it into effective tools for improving people’s lives, careers, and businesses. Read about positive psychology coaching on the Coaching Blog.


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"What I love most about positive psychology coaching is the positivity itself. So many times in life people only tell us what we are doing wrong. With positive psychology coaching - we get to celebrate all the things the person is doing right, and it has very powerful results!” - Krista Harris, CPPC USA


School of Coaching Mastery integrates positive psychology discoveries and interventions throughout its coach training curriculum. The Certified Positive Psychology Coach® Program is for coaches who want advanced training and experience in the art and science of positive psychology coaching.

Why should you become a Certified Positive Psychology Coach?

  • Master the most effective tools available for coaching.
  • Brand yourself as a coach who uses proven tools, not empty promises.
  • Get a credential that identifies you as a genuine professional.
  • Be one of the first in your profession to be certified in positive psychology coaching.
  • Enter a field where even the scientists are optimistic about human potential and possibility.
  • Get the information you need to explain how and why your tools work.
  • Get the confidence of knowing your work has scientific empiricism behind it.
  • Stay up-to-date on the latest research on positive psychology and coaching.
  • Join a community of inspired coaches who support and challenge one another.
  • Expand your business: positive psychology is transforming many fields, including business, education, the military, government, psychotherapy, and more.
  • In short, become a better coach; create a better business.
  • Oh, and it's fun!


"What I love most about positive psychology coaching is its generative quality – positive psychology coaching accelerates the client’s capacity to tap into her best self and in turn leverage the positive emotions that are generated to create a successful life and/or realize audacious goals.” - Maura Da Cruz, MMC, PCC, CPPC CA


How is this program different from other positive psychology training programs?
  • This isn't just a coach-training program, nor is it just a positive psychology program; it's comprehensive coach training, based on positive psychology research and principles, that includes advanced approaches to coaching.
  • Some positive psychology training programs will introduce you to coaching; this program offers beginner-to-master-level coach training using positive psychology.
  • Certification is the gold-standard in coaching credentials. This is the only legally recognized Certified Positive Psychology Coach training program.
  • The cost of your certification is included with your tuition and you'll get a free positive psychology coach listing in our coach directory.


“I coach Public speakers to achieve the self-confidence and mastery when delivering unique and persuasive speeches in public. I concentrate on speech production, body language, general demeanor and overall enthusiasm. What surprised me about positive psychology coaching is that it makes perfect sense, is in front of our eyes every day and yet is totally underestimated.” - Valeria Pittaluga, CPPC Italy


The Certified Positive Psychology Coach Program will introduce you to assessments, exercises, concepts, research, and more from authors and researchers, such as those below:

  • Dr. Martin Seligman
  • Dr. Barbara Fredrickson
  • Dr. Donald Clifton
  • Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar
  • Dr. Rick Hanson
  • Dr. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
  • Dr. John Gottman
  • Dr. Dan Siegel
  • Dr. Sonja Lyubomirsky
  • Dr. Dacher Keltner
  • Dr. Emiliana Simon-Thomas

In addition to live interactive webinars that you can join from anywhere, you’ll receive a wealth of curated resources, including videos, audios, websites, apps, and more, plus opportunities to practice your tools with like-minded positive psychology coaches. And you'll get ideas for how to grow your business with positive psychology.

We invite you to sign-up for more information, so you can decide if becoming a Certified Positive Psychology Coach is for you.

If you are new to both positive psychology and coaching, you'll receive comprehensive training in beginner-advanced coaching skills, introductory-advanced positive psychology, coaching best practices, the brain science behind positive psychology, positive psychology niche coaching, positive psychology coaching practicum, positive psychology coach certification, and a listing on our coach directory as a Certified Positive Psychology Coach. The full program takes one year to complete. 


Your instructors will include Julia Stewart, MMC, BCC, CiPP, President, School of Coaching Mastery, as well as accomplished positive psychology coaches who are ICF credentialed.. Julia has been teaching professional coaching since 2003 and has taught courses in positive psychology coaching since 2012. She is working on her PhD the science and philosophy of coaching, where she has studied positive psychology and neuroscience with Barbara Fredrickson, Tal Ben Shahar, Rick Hanson, Dan Siegel, and others.
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