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Why Business Coaching Works

Posted by Julia Stewart

If you're a business, executive or corporate coach, you need data on how and why coaching works in order to make effective proposals. The ICF is an ongoing source of good data on coaching.

Below is an info-graphic that communicates the value of coaching in the workplace (Click to enlarge):


Why Coaching Works


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Career Coaching Spikes Says CNN Money

Posted by Julia Stewart

CNN Money LogoOn September 29th, CNNMoney wrote, "Should You Hire a Career Coach?"

In it, Christopher Metzler, associate dean for human resources studies at Georgetown University, says, "Any time there's an economic downturn, career coaching spikes,"

With job searches now averaging 25 weeks, it's no surprise that the out-of-work are looking for every competitive advantage they can find. And while career coaching is not cheap,  one session averages $161, it more than pays for itself, if you land a great job a few months earlier than you would have otherwise.

There are pitfalls, however. As the article points out, not everyone who calls him/herself a career coach is skilled or qualified to help you reach your goals. And the quality of coach certifications varies widely. Some coach certification training programs take only a weekend to complete, with every participant guaranteed a certificate just for showing up. (I recently spoke to a coach who completed one such program. She confirmed that it was "pretty much a joke.")

Two places you can find career coaches who have pledged their professionalism, are the coaching trade organizations, IAC and ICF. Each has a Find-a-Coach feature. You can also find career coaches at Mastery Coach Exchange, where you can easily connect with and find out about your coach, before trying them out.

Other coaching specialties that do especially well in economic downturns are business and corporate coaching, executive coaching, and money coaching, but even fields like life coaching do surprisingly well, especially now that there are lower-cost options.

Here's the full CNNMoney article on career coaching. Check out their sidebar for more interesting information about it.

Read the Coaching Commons article on the same subject here.

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Demand for Coaches is Steady Says The Wall Street Journal

Posted by Julia Stewart

The Wall Street Journal.

 The August 25, 2009 Wall Street Journal reports that demand for executive coaches and business coaches is steady and, in some cases, is rising despite - or even because of the recession.

Why is demand for coaching still so high even while the economy is struggling? Simple. Coaches help businesses, executives and employees improve their bottom line. They make more money. And isn't that what most people want during a recession?

But as you've probably noticed, I'm a bit biased about coaching. So you may be tempted to ignore me when I tell you that MSNBC called coaching one of the top five careers for 2009, or that Google CEO, Eric Schmidt says everyone needs a coach, etc., etc., etc.

So Ignore me. Just read what The Wall Street Journal says about coaching in the recession.

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"Everyone needs a coach." Says Google CEO

Posted by Julia Stewart

Watch video advice from Fortune 500 leaders on

No wonder coaching is still one of the top growth careers even in 2009. No one would deny that Google's a successful company. If Eric Schmidt, Google's CEO, says everyone needs a coach, what might you accomplish with your own coach?




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Topics: corporate coaching, Coaching, executive coaching, coach, everyone needs a coach, Google CEO

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