Find a Coach

If you want to know where to find a life coach, how to find a career coach, or you want to find a health coach, or need tips on finding a business coach, you've come to the right place!

Below are three options that will help you find the right coach for you:

1. Elite Mentor Coaching for High Achievers ~ If you're becoming a coach, want to become a master coach, get certified, become more successful as a coach, or want assistance in balancing a great coaching career with an awesome life, Elite Mentor Coaching for High Achievers may be right for you, especially if you're passionate about coaching, want to be your very best and don't have time for hours of coach training classes. You'll get personal mentor coaching with SCM President, Julia Stewart, MCC, to maximize your plan of action; plus you'll get personalized Just-in-Time Coach Training, so you learn what you need when you need it; nothing more and nothing less. Only a few high achievers are accepted to this program. Learn more about Elite Mentor Coaching for High Achievers Here.

2. Coach 100 Coaches ~ If you're just exploring the world of coaching and are curious what it would be like to be coached by a professional coach, it's a good idea to check out Coach 100 Coaches. Each Coach 100 Coach has made a commitment to give 100 free coaching sessions to 100 different people in two years or less. You'll be asked to fill out a quick online feedback survey in exchange for your coaching session. If you love coaching, you may even get a chance to continue coaching at a special rate for up to three months! 

3. Find a Coach Here ~ If you're looking for a professional coach and want a greater selection to choose from, then the Find a Coach Here coach directory is perfect for you. Search for your coach via city, state and country (we have coach listings from around the world). Or search for a coach via coaching specialty; such as life coach, business coach, executive coach, career coach, mentor coach, Certified Coach, even Master Certified Coach. You can also search via recent ratings and reviews, so you know what real clients are saying about your coach before you even meet. Or an easy way to find your coach is to check out Featured Coaches at the top of our homepage. Discover their Deals and special offers. You'll be able to save your favorites to narrow down your search to three coaches and then request a complimentary session to choose the coach you want to work with. Visit Find a Coach Here Now.