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Why I'm Quitting Compass Coaching

Posted by Julia Stewart

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 At the start of 2009, I joined the Compass Coaching Team as an "Affiliate Partner".

Compass had an unique business model, at least for coaching. It's a multi-level marketing company (Think: Mary Kay for Life Coaching). When I first learned about it, I thought multi-level marketing was a terrible idea for coaching. But a lot of good coaches were involved and at least one, who is a client of mine, was having a ball building her business with Compass, so I became intrigued that Compass might serve as a 'missing link', if you will, that some coaches may need in order to learn about business, marketing and sales. It also gives clients who may not be ready for a one-on-one coaching commitment a chance to dabble with coaching and experience what a life changer it can be - and then trade up to the 'real thing' when they're ready.

In short, I decided to get involved and because I have a large 'reach' (data base + social media), I joined for free.

Compass Coaching was pitched to me as a 'super affiliate' opportunity, which said to me, 'leverage your reach and integrate with your current marketing (mostly online)', but otherwise make Compass Coaching a low impact, relatively passive source of income.

Win-win-win, right? Share it with coaches who can benefit by building their businesses, change more clients' lives, and increase my own income.

Well, I have to admit, I'm a bit disappointed.

But, if you're waiting for me to drop a bomb or share a big scandal about Compass Coaching, there really isn't one. Over time, I found that Compass just didn't inspire me. Worse yet, my monthly checks hadn't grown in an entire year, even though I helped bring in quite a few new clients, coaches and reps. It  wasn't worth my time and I have other projects that are much more fun and interesting.

Just to be clear, I'm not saying that life coaches shouldn't join Compass. It's a reputable company and I'm not sorry I experimented with it. If you don't experiment, you don't learn. If you're interested in group coaching and learning how to build your business via seminars and live networking, Compass Coaching may be a fit for you.

However, I believe most people go into life coaching in order to do one-to-one coaching, which isn't what Compass is about. The Coach 100 approach is actually much more effective, simpler and less time consuming than Compass and it's easier to make more money faster with it - and do it on your own terms. Coaching businesses need solid income to survive and thrive and most coaches want to start making money sooner, rather then later.

So call me biased, but Coach 100 is still the best way for most life and business coaches to building a full coaching practice, usually in under a year. Learn more about Coach 100 by downloading the free ebook, below. 

[UPDATE: In June 2012, announced it would no longer be a multi-level marketing company for life coaching. It was unclear where the company would head next.]

[UPDATE: In January 2013, announced to its stake holders that it was filing for bankruptcy.]

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Compass Coach, Kristi Arndt, IAC-CC, Shops For Her Free Mercedes

Posted by Julia Stewart

[UPDATE: In June 2012, announced that it would no longer be a multi-level marketing company for life coaching. It was unclear what the company's future plans would be.]

Compass Coach, Kristi Arndt, qualified for a free Mercedes from Compass at the end of last August. She just went shopping for it yesterday:

Coach Kristi Arndt free Mercedes

To get the free car, Kristi and several other Compass Representatives qualified to become Compass Presidential Ambassadors by a certain date.

Kristi will be my special guest today at the first ever Compass Mastery Team  call, which I'll be leading once per month to mentor the Compass Coaches and Representatives on my team, so they create their own brand of success on their own terms.

Kristi is the perfect example of building a successful coaching business on your own terms. She's not one of those high-powered types who charges around grabbing what she wants and leaving bodies littered in her path. In fact, her personal symbol is the turtle, because she uses her own inner wisdom and timing to create the coaching business of her dreams, even if it takes her a little longer.

And Kristi's personal story is gripping, as well. This past summer, while Kristi was working passionately toward becoming a Presidential Ambassador, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and because breast cancer runs in her family, she chose to treat it aggressively.

Listen to Kristi tell the story of how her challenge with cancer turned into a wonderful experience. And how it didn't stop her from reaching her goals this summer.

Kristi is an amazingly inspiring person in so many ways. She shares her passion and joy with everyone who's interested and has built her business organically by making deep connections with the people who are most attracted to her.

Of course, I'm a little biased since Kristi is a personal coaching client of mine (she gave me permission to share that). She's also the very first person to register for a course at the (then) brand-new School of Coaching Mastery and then she promptly went out and qualified for IAC Coach Certification!

[UPDATE: January 2013, announced to its stakeholders that it was filing for bankruptcy.]

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Click here if you want to learn more about Compass Coaching.

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