Become a Certified Group Coach

Become a Certified Group Coach and expand your coaching business!

Most professional coaches offer more than one way for clients to work with them.

This is a smart business strategy. Because it both increases and stabilizes your income, while reducing potential coaching burnout and gives more clients an opportunity to benefit from your coaching.

The most popular format for coaching, after one-to-one coaching, is coaching small groups of three-to-ten people. Interestingly, clients of small coaching groups often receive tremendous benefits from each other, in addition to the benefits they get from working with you, the coach.

And usually the math works out so clients pay a bit less (and that gives more clients an opportunity to work with you) but you make more money, because you work with more clients.

For example, let’s say you charge your one-to-one coaching clients $500 per month and you have nine clients, earning you $4500 per month. That’s not bad, but you’d like to make more without working many more hours, so you start a coaching group with ten clients, each paying $300 per month. Now you’re making an additional $3000 per month and only coaching three extra hours. Big improvement!

However, group coaching is an advanced skill set. Everything, from attracting clients, to administering your program, to actually coaching your clients gets a bit more complicated, so most coaching schools don’t try to fully prepare their students for group coaching.

School of Coaching Mastery goes a few steps further than most coaching schools, though. We offer an 16-hour group coach training program that includes a coaching intensive, plus the Certified Group Coach credential.

You’ll learn advanced skills, how to coach groups using the IAPPC approach to coaching, plus how to attract more clients, administer your group programs, how to price group coaching, even tips on how to sell your group programs.

The Certified Group Coaching course is for intermediate-to-advanced coaches. You’ll meet via live webinar for two hours over eight weeks. The first four weeks cover client attraction, administration, and group coaching skills. The last four weeks are the group coaching practicum. It’s intense! You’ll be coaching your classmates, as a group, and will get feedback and a grade.

So far, everyone has passed, because they brought their “A" game.

Are you ready to learn fast, bring your “A Game”, and become a Certified Group Coach in just eight weeks, one who can serve more clients and make considerably more money?

Tuition is all inclusive. Meaning, your fee covers the cost of training, all required materials, and your certification. There are no surprise expenses.

This course is not recommended for beginner coaches. You need previous coach training or experience to join. You will need IAPPC, ICF, or IAC, or SCM certification to join.

Only eight coaches will be allowed to join.

Julia Stewart will be your instructor.

"If you're an intermediate-to-advanced coach who's ready to bring your A Game and coach more clients while making considerably more more money, I'm looking forward to assisting you to step into your greatness and become a Certified Group Coach."

We offer this course once per year. If it is currently scheduled, you may register to the right.

This course can be added to the advanced level of the Certified Positive Psychology Coach Program.