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Testimonials for Julia Stewart and School of Coaching Mastery coach training programs*

"I completed my (ICF certified) Certified Positive Psychology Coach® Qualification through School of Coaching Mastery and was also coached and mentored by Julia. She is not only an exceptional coach, teacher and mentor, but she is truly masterful and conducts her school and practice with the highest ethics and standards. When you have achieved a credential through Julia's school, you know that you have the skills to be a world class coach. I thoroughly enjoyed being taught and coached by her and deeply value our relationship. My Positive Psychology credential boosted both my personal and professional life and was a truly pivotal point for me." Paula Facci, PCC, CPPC  Brazil


"Prior to having enrolled with the School of Coaching Mastery (SCM) I had wasted my time and money with three other training schools who promised much but delivered little genuine ICF accreditation. I specifically chose the SCM as it focused on Positive Psychology, which is my passion, and secondly it had a trademark meaning it's model of success had been tried and tested. I am proud to be an alumni and facilitator at SCM and know that the coaches who undergo the rigorous training over 12 intense months will become phenomenal coaches and role models to the profession." - Kerstin Jatho, MAPP, PCC, CPPC  South Africa


"Just wanted to share that I love the coaching certification I did with your program, and find it's really set me apart from some other coaches. Not just the positive psychology piece, but teaching right from the start master level coaching. I still have work to do of course to get to that level, but feel like it's given me a big head jump." Stacey Olson, CPPC, USA


"The School of Coaching Mastery brings together the art and science of coaching through the Certified Positive Psychology Coach® program. I completed the program and received my designation in 2015. I found the program to be both challenging and insightful. The flow of the program naturally creates a collegial atmosphere among the participants who are from around the globe. Making it, in my experience, a unique and highly rewarding learning opportunity. As a graduate of the program, I highly recommend it for both new and experienced coaches. Thank you, Julia Stewart!" David W. McQuarrie, CPPC, Canada


"I have loved every minute of the program and l am looking forward to continuing in the master level program. The learning has been amazing and It has been so fulfilling to be able to bring all of the positive psychology tools to my clients and witness all of the forward movement in their lives!" - Jennifer Rodrigues, CPPC  USA
"I recently became a Certified Positive Psychology Coach from the School of Coaching Mastery. I am also an occupational therapist, so I am familiar with the need to meet professional standards, which are a strong mechanism for protecting the public. I selected the School of Coaching Mastery for several reasons. The work in the program met the criteria of the ICF, including the highest coaching standards, not just the minimum standards, so I could rely on gaining competence that would be recognized by others. The program reflects current research both on positive psychology and coaching along with neuroscience and other social science literature. As an academic myself, evidence based education is a necessary factor for me. Finally, my philosophy as a professional is base on strengths based approaches; the School of Coaching Mastery weaves this evidence based philosophy throughout the program. My credential as a Certified Positive Psychology Coach is concordant with my approach in occupational therapy and expands my effectiveness with those I serve." - Winnie Dunn, PhD, CPPC  USA

"Whether you are seeking a masterful coach or an opportunity to study and master your own coaching skills, Julia Stewart is the first person you should contact. Julia continues to amaze me by all she is doing to enhance the coaching profession, from creating her own unique school to writing a thought-provoking blog and still having time for individual clients, spiritual pursuits, and a personal life. You will be stretched in an incredibly supportive way by spending time around this master of the coaching arts." - Kristi Arndt, PhD, MMC  USA


"I studied with Julia Stewart for my certification as a Positive Psychology Coach. The program is excellent, demanding and rewarding. I used this training towards my ICF certification." - Jess Dods, ACC, CPPC  USA


"I am extremely proud to have been in the first "batch" of Positive Psychology Coaches (CPPC) graduated from Julia's School of Coaching Mastery in December of 2014. I remember it because I still consider it today, one of the best Christmas gifts to myself ever! The deep and insightful studies I was asked to complete, frankly changed my way of dealing with the curve balls in life." - Valeria Pittaluga, CPPC  Italy


"As a Certified Positive Psychology Coach programme graduate, I can say that the programme is demanding and Julia Stewart's teaching very thorough. The level of knowledge and capability required to attain this credential ensure graduates truly have substance to offer to clients." - Niina Gullsten, CPPC  Canary Islands
"I am very happy to be in class and learning again. I think the extra step towards master coaching is helpful in synthesizing all of what we learned last year and what I have been applying so far. It's interesting to come into class with more experience and have more practice with which to consider the theory." - Leah Zimmerman, CPPC USA

"Are you looking for a great coaching school, mentor coach, or coaching instructor? As the owner of the School of Coaching Mastery, Julia presents clear concise coaching modules, shows how to use each skill well, and supervises your application during in class coaching. Julia accepts nothing but your best and gives you explicit feedback for improvement. A take no prisoners kind of coach, Julia drills down quickly to get right to the heart of the issue and helps you decides what's most important for forward action now. If you're ready to learn how to be a masterful coach, I recommend Julia Stewart." - Jude Eastman, MEd, MMC  USA


"I've been a student at the School of Coaching Mastery for a few months, and I've been exposed to Julia's classes for a longer period of time. She has a natural, yet engaging style of teaching. She makes the complicated task of coaching people simple and understandable! I recommend joining her classes." - Maali Albalt, CPPC Canada (Maali qualified for her CPPC a few months after writing this.)


"I wanted to become a coach professional for the good things they accomplish by helping coaching clients achieve their goals and desires. I researched and spoke with over ten coaching school representatives. The schools varied in their philosophies to a certain extent; however, my love of science caused me to want to study a program that took a more scientific approach. Among the schools I found was Julia Stewart’s School of Coaching Mastery, whose coaching method is unique because it is founded on evidenced-based Positive Psychology. I spoke with Julia, and I was convinced that I had found the perfect coaching school for me. The School of Coaching Mastery has provided me with even more than I expected. The Positive Psychology Program includes courses in basic, proficient, and masterful coaching techniques, the science of Positive Psychology, and incorporates Neuroscience and Neuroplasticity. Becoming a great coach means knowing the best techniques and understanding why these techniques work. That is why an evidence-based program like the Positive Psychology Program is a step forward and an advantage to coaching clients. Julia Stewart understands that an important point of enrolling in the program is for the coaches to build a successful business that he or she can be proud of. Within the Positive Psychology Program is a course called Coach 100, which is designed to give the new coach encouragement and specific business to-do’s for attracting new clients and optimizing the success of each coach." - Regan Elliott, SCM-CCC USA


"When I hired Julia as my mentor coach, I wasn't entirely sure I needed it. I had quite a bit of education and experience already and the industry does not require certified coaching credentials to be recognized as a coach. I wasn't sure it would be a good investment for the money. After coaching for 3 months with Julia and taking several classes at SCM, I can say that not only was this a great investment but possibly the best investment I have made in my career. I would recommend this to experienced coaches as well as inexperienced coaches. The value of the service far exceeds the cost, which makes this a savvy investment in YOU!" - Patrice Swensen, SCM-CCC, USA


"Julia was my teacher and my first coach. She brings to her work as a coach and trainer of coaches enthusiasm, deep knowledge of coaching and a sincere interest in helping people grow and develop. She also brings a lightness to even daunting tasks - helping you see the possibilities and cross the hurdles. She's taught me to spot goofy beliefs or irrational fears that stop me from acting on ideas. Years later, I still ask, 'What would Julia do?' And then I do it. Thanks, Julia." - Sue Johnston, MBA, MMC  Canada


"Results are what you’ll see what you take full advantage of the Elite Mentoring Program for High Achievers. Working with Master Coach Julia Stewart, I found the clarity I needed and the insights that inspired me to take action and keep working. Within weeks, I doubled the number of coaching clients I work with, expanded my professional speaking business by adding three new clients and launched my website. Within months, I designed and delivered a nationwide professional development program for a new client and launched a popular group coaching program. Trust Julia with your highest aspirations. Stay open to new possibilities. Do the work and you will create what you really want, and more." Nancy McCabe, CPPC


"The first fear was, how much is it gonna be out of my monthly nut? Can I afford to do this? Especially when it’s a long-term project. How long is this going to go on? So that’s the first obstacle you have to get over. And of course I come from a whole different area of, ‘Can I afford not to do it?’ That’s how I think. So that was an easy one, once I figured out I can’t afford not to learn from somebody who’s been doing this and can teach me some things that will really help me get to where I want to be a whole lot quicker.

The next one was time. How much time is it going to take? How is it possible I’m going to be able to do this? You know it takes a big commitment. That’s important. Anything you start to go forward on has to be committed 100%. You can’t marginally commit to it. That was a big concern. But once I got past those two and I made it not an option to not have the time and made it not an option to not invest in myself, then it was an easy decision.

I knew that if I invested this time, by purely spending the money I would have to do something with it. So it was a leverage point to me to really make that business happen. So I created the website. I started talking to people. I was learning from Julia and actually doing coaching sessions with different folks. And I learned a lot. So that was one part. I test phased that I knew that and leveraged myself high enough that it would happen. It didn’t happen as quickly as I wanted, nor what I expected but that’s okay. It’s all part of the master plan.

- Greggory Schillinger USA


"Learn about coaching from Julia! I've written lots of recommendations for friends and for coaches - but I give Julia highest marks. I've taken some of her recent courses, and she has dazzled me - showed me what I was doing well, and what I might stop doing, all with the greatest sensitivity and courtesy. Julia was frequently my teacher when she was top-dog at Coachville under the amazing leadership of Thomas Leonard, and I was generating my certification. Not good, not excellent, spectacular!" - Craig Jennings, CVCC


"I've worked with and known Julia for years, in many different settings, and her warm, caring personality has always been a beacon of humanity in the rough and tumble business world. In addition to her admirable personal traits, Julia has continually demonstrated a mix of business savvy, clarity of vision and professionalism that makes working with her a refreshingly pleasant and rewarding experience."Soni Pitts, ACSM CPT, IAC Practitioner


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