What the School of Coaching Mastery is About

If you're on one of my mailing lists, you may already have heard a little about SCM's mission. As far as we know (and I've been in conversation with IAC board members and Certifiers about this) this is the first coaching school in the world designed specifically to prepare coaches for International Association of Coaching (IAC) Coach Certification.

This is significant because IAC Certification is increasingly recognized as the "Gold Standard" in coach certification. (Even, rumor has it, among ICF credentialed coaches!)

Certification isn't all we're about, of course. That's just a benchmark. It's an important one, though. Now that coaching has become ubiquitous, everyone is learning to do it and millions are benefitting, but the demand for truly masterful coaching ~ as well as an intolerance for mediocre coaching ~ among professional coaches, is soaring. That's why we're training coaches in the IAC Coaching Masteries (tm) from start to finish.

It's a pretty exciting time to be involved in this project and the support for it has already been fantastic! The timing in so many ways is just perfect.

Currently, several programs are available through the School of Coaching Mastery ala carte: Coaching Groundwork, a short introductory program for new coaches and non-coaches who want coaching skills, as well as people who are thinking about becoming professional coaches. Certified Coach Training, for coaches who are ready to learn the coaching masteries and prepare for IAC Certification, Certification Practicums, for coaches who are preparing their recordings for IAC Certification, and the Experienced Coach Program, which challenges coaches to master their business and coaching skills, while filling their practices, by coaching 100 people. The full coach training program will roll out in a few months.

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