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Posted by Julia Stewart

Confident CoachThere's never been a better time to become a business or life coach.

There's also never been a more confusing time to become a coach! It used to be that you could rely on the better coaching schools and professional associations to provide solid information on how to become a coach and that is still true.

But these days, "black hat coaching schools" are buying website addresses that sound like well-known coach training schools and coach certifying organizations and passing themselves off as the the real thing. How do you know who to believe?

Add that to competitive marketing among the hundreds of legitimate coach training schools, plus the lack of universal standards in the coaching profession and the new coach is often confused, at best, and paralyzed with uncertainty, at worst. Confusion and paralysis are the enemies of success!

Get clarity, confidence and the information you need, without all the hype and distractions.

I designed the "How to Become a Coach" mini-course for people who are considering becoming professional business or life coaches and need clarity in order to make the best decision. If that's you, then I invite you to join us. (Don't worry, School of Coaching Mastery isn't a fit for every coach, so I won't twist your arm to become a member.)

This 4-hour "How to Become a Coach" course is free and meets in two 2-hour virtual classes. You'll attend our unique eClass system, which combines the best of teleconference classes with the best of webinar training. You can do everything in our virtual classes that you can do in a live class (except get stuck in traffic on the way).

Get answers to questions like these:

  • How can I start attracting clients quickly?
  • What do I really need to get started as a coach?
  • What can I charge?
  • How soon can I make a living?
  • How do I know what niche or specialty to offer?
  • Do I really need coach training?
  • How long will it take me to become a masterful coach?
  • How do I know which coaching websites are legitimate?
  • Do I need coach certification? Which one?
  • Should I have my own coach?
  • What are my next steps?

You'll leave with clarity, a plan of action, a path and your next steps.

Find out when the next course is and register for How to Become a Coach.

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Coaches: Do You Want to Be Like Toyota or GM?

Posted by Julia Stewart

Coach 100 Business SuccessIs a complimentary coaching session still a good way to get coaching clients?

*  How about the online coach directory?
*  What about the free teleclass?
*  And the online coaching newsletter, is it dead? 
If you've been coaching for a while, then you may know that the newsletter, complimentary session, coach directory and fre*e teleclass are old standbys when it comes to building a successful coaching business.
But if you're new to the business of coaching, you may not even need to learn what they are!
That's because business & marketing - including the business of marketing coaching - have changed drastically in the past year or so. And they're still changing faster than ever.
It's partly because of amazing improvements in technology and also because of the chaotic condition of our economy. In fact, the economy is speeding up trends that have been in place for years. If you're not paying attention, you may miss the most valuable opportunities to fill your coaching business this year.
Make no mistake. People still want coaching. But they're finding coaches in brand new ways. Are they finding you? Want them to find you more easily? 
If you interested in finding out more about the trends in coach marketing and how coaches really get clients, including what's new AND what's old that still works, listen to this free teleclass - yes it may be one of the last teleclasses I ever do... 
With Julia Stewart, IAC-CC, President of the School of Coaching Mastery
Wed, Jan 28, 4-5 PM ET
Register for this free recording here:
First we'll discuss how 23 real coaches got 538 referrals, 240 testimonials and 313 new clients and where those statistics are coming from. We'll also talk about the biggest trend in marketing and how it plays directly to coaches' strengths - if you know when and where to use those strengths.
We'll also talk about the all-new coaching success program:


The good news is that in 2009 your skills as a coach are in more demand than ever. And now you can use those skills to market your business more effectively - but you do need to make some important shifts. 
ASK YOURSELF: Do you want to be the Toyota of Coaching or the GM?
Coaches who can stay ahead of the curve will be the big winners this year. By the end of this program, you'll have tangible tools for successful marketing in this new environment and a solid plan of action steps help your business succeed. And you'll go straight to the top of The GREAT (Coaching Business) PYRAMID. Most coaches who finish this program use it fill their coaching practices with it with one-to-one coaching clients and they get referrals and testimonials with it and even prepare for coach certification, in the process.
But you'll want to listen to this teleclass - even if it is an old dinosaur in the world of coaching - in order to find out more and to join this exclusive coach business success program.
Once again, here's listen to join the teleclass:
With Julia Stewart
Wed, Jan 28, 4-5 PM ET
Register for this free recorded class here:
See you there!
Julia Stewart, IAC-CC

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The Future, When Everyone Has a Coach, is Here

Posted by Julia Stewart

NASA Space WalkAbout ten years ago, when I was becoming a coach, Thomas J Leonard, the founder of the coaching profession said...

Someday, everyone will have a coach.Given the power that great coaching has to transform lives, that was an awe-inspiring vision.

Thomas also said at that time, that in order for everyone to have a coach, coaches would have to get creative about how they deliver coaching to clients, because originally, coaching was just for the rich and famous and that's how it was priced, with most clients paying between $250 - $1000 per month for private coaching.

Coaching is not just for the rich and famous anymore...

Coaching went "mainstream" years ago and today, most people know or at least think they know what a life coach or business coach is. (No one has asked me what sport I coach in years!) That makes it much easier to market to folks who are neither rich nor famous. 

But one-to-one coaching is still pretty pricey.

So to bring quality coaching to the ever-growing coaching market, coaches are discovering more and better ways to leverage the economy of scale that exists for a service that is in very high demand. In other words, coaches are sharing coaching in innovative ways to higher numbers of people, who each pay less for the coaching they receive.

The first tier down from personal coaching is small group coaching, in which a small group of clients, say, 2 - 10 per group, meet with a coach a few times per month, and each client pays a smaller fee ($100-300 per month). The benefits of group coaching are similar to private coaching, because what the clients lose in personal attention from the coach, they make up with the extra value and synergy that's created by the group, itself.

Group coaching requires skills that are not needed in personal coaching, such making sure each client gets value and no one hogs the calls or hides out in a corner. For that reason, School of Coaching Mastery has its own Group Coaching training for our advanced students. Stay tuned for more on that.

A new form of group coaching that leverages economy of scale to an even greater level, is Compass Coaching. Compass was designed to bring low cost life coaching to people who want personal development, but who either can't or won't pay hundreds of dollars per month for it.

Unfortunately, economy of scale often means the client doesn't get the personal attention needed to really make change. That's why most people don't get lasting benefits from reading self-help books or attending workshops, which are also priced for the masses.

That's where Compass differs. Clients get a choice of "self-guided" online coaching via MP3's and workbooks, which brings passive income to the coach, or they can have large group coaching (10-30 clients), where they do get personal attention. The group coaching is priced incredibly low, $39-59 per month, because the passive income from the self-guided coaching makes up the income for the coach.

Long story short: Clients save a lot of money and coaches still earn plenty of money. Win-win.

It took me a while to see the value in Compass, because I'm not in favor of watering down the power of coaching, just to make it cheap. However, I'm highly in favor of bringing good, affordable coaching to virtually everyone on the planet. Compass has one of the best business models for doing that. I started to get that when I watched Compass CEO, Kim Fulcher, talk about her vision for Compass.

If you'd like to attend a live webinar with Kim Fulcher and hear how Compass can provide you with excellent large-group coaching, or how it can help you earn excellent passive income, Click below to register online and attend the live webinar with Kim Fulcher on Wednesday March 18th.


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