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How to use your coaching skills to sell your coaching

Posted by Julia Stewart

Seven Secrets of Coach Certification

There are many reasons why master coaches are more successful than other coaches.

It helps that they keep their clients longer and their clients rave about them to others, but there's a more subtle reason. When they show up as master coaches, they are much more attractive. The seven reasons that some coaches pass master coach certifications are all in the Seven Secrets of Mastery Certification ebook AND all seven come-froms are beautifully attractive in a sales conversation or complimentary coaching session. See below.

The Seven Secrets of SellingTM

1. Be 100% for the client.
Focus on serving them first, making a sale, second. It’s not about you.

2. Make no assumptions.

Be curious. Ask more than you tell. Understand them and their situation before you offer what you have.

3. Always validating.

Give them an experience of themselves and who they may be becoming. You’ll open a whole new world for them.

4. Inspire greatness.

Express your own greatness. Inspire theirs. That’s very attractive.

5. Be an evolutionary environment.

Help them grow. People love to be better.

6. Share wisely.

Tell them enough to pique their curiosity and be quiet long enough for them to choose.

7. Be an open channel.

Be open to what they really want. Notice more.

Copyright, Julia Stewart, 2006 - 2011
Inspired by the Seven Secrets of Mastery Certification and the selling brilliance of Mattison Grey

Seven Secrets of Coach Certification


Get the Seven Secrets of Certification eBook here.

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Sparkling Fresh

Posted by Julia Stewart

I've been listening to some great coaching, lately! And it seems to be getting better and better! In both my Seven Secrets of Certification and Coaching Improv classes, as well as my Triad Mentor Coaching groups, coaches are stepping up courageously and coaching with brilliance and generosity.

I mentioned to my friend, Barbra Sundquist, the other day, that when I was a student coach, I used to hope that I would be able to coach one day at the level of my mentors. Now, just a few years later, my students and mentees are coaching at that level! 

I always believed in Thomas Leonard's Proficiencies, but I didn't expect them to change the quality of coaching this fast!

I feel proud and humble, at the same time. Proud, because I'm one of the teachers/mentors/certifiers who have learned how to help coaches master their skills. Humble, because it's a huge honor to work with such talented people.

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