Positive Psychology Coaching: The Real Reasons Clients Want It

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What is there was a secret tool that automatically upgrades coaching and your coaching school never told you about it?

It happens a lot more than you think. Coaching schools that rely on research know about it. Many other do not.

Most coaching clients don't hire coaches explicitly because they want to be happy. They generally hire a coach because they want something specific such as to make more money, be more productive, become better leaders, cope better with problems, be healthier, or even have stronger marriages. Why do they want these things? On some level they believe these things will make them happier, but that's not the real reason that positive psychology coaching, also known as Happiness Coaching, is important.

It turns out happiness CAUSES all of the above, not necessarily the other way around

This is one of the many surprises that positive psychology researchers have uncovered. Helping your client succeed without first helping them to be happier, makes their work harder and yours, as well.

Happiness isn't just correlated with success, it actually causes it. So if you're coaching on success in any realm, you'll probably be a lot more effective if you coach on happiness, first. And what makes people happy is often not what you think. Learn these tools and improve your coaching outcomes quickly. It's not hard. It's just science.

All coaching needs to be positive psychology coaching.

Watch this 2:34 video of leading positive psychology researcher, Sonia Lyubomirsky, on why happiness matters.



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