Going Back in Time and Striking Coaching Gold

Coaching ToolWhile researching "distinctions", an important coaching tool, for a recent class at the School of Coaching Mastery, I decided to go back in time and find the original Thomas Leonard Distinctionary.

Most people don't know this version exists or think that it's gone, but there's a nifty little web archive known as www.waybackmachine.org [Update: 5-2-09, WayBackMachine now lives at http://www.archive.org/index.php ] where many old pages can still be found and back in 1997, the original Distinctionary was in the public domain. It's still there in the archive, gathering dust...

So if you ever have the urge to understand the difference between "Experiencing feelings vs. Medicating" or "Fully communicate vs. Dump", a trip back in time might be just the thing ~

Go here to access The Distinctionary

Another intriguing site with its own distinctionary (There are many distinctionaries out there) is:


Copyright, Julia Stewart, 2007

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