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Why Giving Away Coaching is the Best Way to Sell It


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Here's a question I call one of the Big Ones that leaves many a coach stuck at the starting post. I hear it over and over from new coaches:

"Doesn't giving away my coaching under-value what I do?"

I guess the thinking behind this questions goes something like, "Why would anyone buy the cow if he can get the milk for free?"

Aside from equating women with cows, this question makes a fatal mistake: it assumes there's only one thing of value that a cow-woman has to offer and (this really blows my cork) that thing is always the same and will always be the same.

If you, as a coach, only have one tool to offer and it's exactly like every other coach's tool and you will only use this tool once, then no, giving away this tool for free isn't a good idea if you ever want to sell it.

If this is true for you, then work on your coaching tools, because it's too soon for you to work on your coaching business.

If on the other hand, you have a deep tool kit full of valuable tools that can be used in a variety of ways to help your client reach any number of goals over a period of months, what better way to show your client the value of what you do, than to give them an experience of it?

Think of all the professionals you've hired over the years. Did they give you free consultations? And the really good ones, didn't they provide value in their consultations? And while they were at it, didn't they also politely size you up and decide if you would be a good client for them?

Good selling is a service. That's why successful coaches give away their coaching. 

But if you're limited in what you have to offer, you just can't afford to give it way.

Got plenty of coaching tools? Time to play the GAME:

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Why Nobody Understands the #1 Secret to Making a Living as a Life Coach

Red carpet to making a living as a life coach

I wasted a couple of decades on the wrong career. What happened? I went way into debt to get two degrees, moved to another part of the country, and endured years of financial hardship, all for my "passion". Don't tell me to follow my dreams and the money will find me. I know for a fact that doesn't always happen.

Have you had that experience, too?

So then why is the #1 Secret to making a living as a life coach that you've got to really really want it?

First of all, that's only the 2nd half of the secret. The first is to know yourself extremely well and hardly anyone does. You may think you do, but your probably don't.

In other words, you can think you've found your passion and you haven't. You can work hard, spend money, endure hardships, and persevere for years, like I did, and you still won't succeed, at least not at the level you'd like.

By the time I discovered coaching, everything had changed. Although I thought I had given up my passion, I discovered in coaching a greater passion than I had ever imagined. I had become far more self-aware and I KNEW I could do it and succeed and the "universe" rolled out the red carpet for me.

Would you like a red carpet experience while building your coaching business?

Well today is the live webinar, #1 Secret to Making a Living as a Life Coach. In it, I'll help you get the self-awareness you need around this one crucial issue. I'll also help you build your passion and I'll give you concrete steps on how to proceed.

But you have to be there. It's $20. Is coaching worth that to you? If not, maybe you've already answered the question about coaching passion.

If you do want it and you also want the red carpet:


Join #1 Secret to Making a Living as a Life Coach

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More on Secret #1 to Making a Living as a Life or Business Coach

#1 Secret to making a living as a life coach

I introduced the Top Ten Secrets to Making a Living as a Life Coach last week, along with the new Coach 100 Full Practice GAME. Click here to Join the GAME and get your Tracker (Or get the Elite version by joining Coach 100 Premium).

Our next webinar goes deep with Secret #1: You know yourself very well and you really, Really, REALLY want a full coaching practice. This secret has two parts: self awareness and intense desire. 

Here's the hard part: if you don't have the first, it's easy to kid yourself about the second. Without both, making a living as a life coach is a lot harder than it has to be. Many people who embark on the coaching journey think they are passionate about coaching, but they aren't as passionate as they think. And it takes more self awareness than they imagine to really know the difference.

Symptoms that you're not that passionate about a full coaching practice:

  • You hate to market or sell
  • You let discomfort stop you
  • You're afraid to invest money in coaching
  • You spend lots of money but don't make full use of what you buy
  • You put security ahead of having what you want
  • You'd rather coach for free
  • You love coaching classes but aren't working on your business
  • You're more interested in money than in coaching clients
  • You let others tell you what you should be doing
  • Etc.
Symptoms that you have plenty of passion to fill your coaching practice:
  • You don't mind getting out of your comfort zone if it's for coaching
  • You're willing to take risks
  • You offer coaching to lots of people every week
  • You have pro-bono clients and a plan to attract paying clients
  • You're becoming the best coach you can be
  • You're exploring marketing and sales for coaches
  • You've put together your business materials
  • You have coaching appointment hours marked off on your calendar in anticipation of real coaching clients
  • You're working hard and having fun
  • Etc.
How to you get from the first set of bullet points to the second?
  • Meditate daily on the question, "Is coaching my calling?" and notice what comes up
  • Eliminate confusion: get the training you need, get the mentoring you need, learn about business, talk to successful coaches
  • Get your Needs met, your Values expressed, and use your Strengths daily
  • Get a coach who transforms your world
  • Become a coach who transforms others
  • Etc.
In the Secret #1 to Making a Living as a Life or Business Coach class, we'll talk more specifically about strategies for increasing awareness and tapping into your true passion. I'll even coach someone (maybe you!) on this topic. Elite members get to interact via audio. Everyone gets to interact via chat. Non-elite members get in for just $20.
The class video will be posted in SCM's resource center for all members of our coach training.
We meet Tuesday, September 2nd, 3-4 PM EDT (View in your Time Zone).


Join Secret #1 to Making a Living as a Coach

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Coach 100 Full Practice GAME Begins!

Coach 100 Full Practice Banner

Get ready...Get set...GO get your GAME on!

I promised to launch the Coach 100 Full Practice Game this week and here goes! If you're playing the FREE version, you can download the GAME Tracker PDF by clicking the button below.

If you're already a member of Coach 100 Premium, you get the elite version at no extra charge. You've got my email, so just let me know you're PLAYING and we'll set up a custom, interactive online version of the GAME tracker for you, no extra charge. Plus, as a bonus, you'll get 10 new live webinars that go deep in detail with all 10 of the Top Ten Secrets to Making a Living as a Life Coach and of course, you'll get chances to ask questions in class.

What's the purpose of this game? To inspire more coaches to coach more clients, because experienced coaches are changing the world!

How to you play? Be sure to subscribe to this blog (to the right) and/or to our Facebook Page to get updates and to share your wins. Active players will be acknowledged and can even win cool prizes, such as invitations to webinars and free ecourses, such as, How to Write a Coaching Bio that Sells Your Coaching.

But as every good coach knows, it's not all just about you. Support your fellow coaches to win-win-win. We'll show you how!

Download the Coach 100 Full Practice GAME Tracker

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Top Ten Secrets to Making a Living as a Life Coach

Secrets of Making a Living as a Life Coach

The live webinar that inspired the new Coach 100 Full Practice GAME called, Top Ten Secrets to Making a Living as a Life Coach, sold out in minutes and hundreds of coaches still wanted in.

So we did the right thing. We switched up to an expanded webinar platform so more people can attend.

It may still sell out. But if you register by 3 PM Eastern/NY Time (View in your Time Zone), when the class starts, you may still get in. It's $20, but here's a discount code to get in free, just for reading this blog: Secrets814

I'll be announcing the GAME in today's class. Click below to get in today:


Join Top 10 Secrets to Making a Living as a Life Coach

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Let the Coach 100 GAME Begin!

Coach 100 Full Practce Game

When you fill your life or business coaching practice with happy clients, everybody wins, because coaching is changing the world!

That's why the Coach 100 Full Practice GAME comes in a free version, as well as an elite version. We want as many coaches as possible to attract coaching clients, so you can play along for free with this blog and/or at School of Coaching Mastery's Facebook Page.

And for the highest achieving coaches, we have an elite version that complements your Coach 100 Premium membership. Coach 100 Premium has been helping coaches fill their coaching practices for over a decade.

Subscribe to this blog in the upper right corner to receive email notifications of new game instructions. Declare your commitment to coaching on the School of Coaching Mastery Facebook Page!

There will be tons of goodies for players. But the best part: you'll get more  clients, your clients will get the lives and business they really want, and the world will become a better place, one client at a time. Everybody wins!

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