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Learn Strengths-Based Positive Psychology Coaching for Free

Posted by Julia Stewart

Strengths-based Positive Psychology Coaching

Play to your strengths: Start learning positive psychology coaching skills.

One of the free services that School of Coaching Mastery offers to coaches is our free study groups, which are hosted by SCM coach members. Our newest study group, the Positive Psychology Coach Study Group is about to launch with Strengths-Based Business Coach, Nancy McCabe, CCC. Nancy is an awesome model of positivity and she happens to be a member of our Certified Positive Psychology Coach Program. Learn more about Nancy here.

Why would you want to join the Positive Psychology Coach Study Group?

  • Meet weekly with like-minded colleagues for free

  • Deepen your learning of positive psychology concepts and tools

    • Discover your strengths
    • Learn about positive psychology coaching
    • Discover whether positive psychology coaching is for you
  • Practice positive psychology coaching in a safe environment

  • Get to know our international CPPC Program members

  • Decide if you want to join the CPPC Program

  • Be happier and more successful

  • Have fun!

How can you join the Positive Psychology Coach Study Group?

  • Go here to join the free Positive Psychology Coach Study Group

  • You'll be sent directions on how to register for the specific study-group webinar sessions you want to attend 

  • If you need to miss a session that you've registered for, please UN-register in advance, using a link provided in your confirmation email



Curious about the Certified Positive Psychology Coach Program? Ready to dive into this fast-growing profession and help others have happier, healthier, more successful lives? Explore this blog and this website to learn much more about becoming a professional positive psychology coach.


Join the Positive Psychology Coach Study Group below:


Join the Positive Psychology Coach Study Group

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