Coaching Success: What To Do When You're Stuck

Stuck Coach If you're building your coaching business for the first time, or you've recently recommitted to filling your practice, you could get stuck at some point.

It’s natural in the process of any long-term project that sometimes you just get bogged down. 

Inspiration is great for pulling you forward, but it waxes and wanes. And if you’ve got some fears lurking under it, some days the fear will be stronger than the inspiration. That’s normal enough. Fear erodes our confidence and pulls our energy in the opposite direction. The result is, either you push through the fear, which can be unpleasant and may wear you out over time, or you do nothing at all, which produces disappointing results that you then may use as evidence that you can’t move forward.

Either way, your energy and projects tend to grind to a halt!

That’s what you may be experiencing. And what I know as a coach is that risks can be reduced, confidence can be arranged, and delay can really cost you. So let’s look at a number of ways that you can have access to all the safety and confidence you need and be reminded about your inspiration, so you can stop delaying and reach your goals faster. 

Do you know why or how you got stuck?


  • Fear
  • Busy schedule 
  • Lost inspiration 
  • Discouraged 
  • Overwhelmed 
  • Not sure you’re doing it ‘right’ 
  • Other goals or commitments seem more important, now.
  • Not getting clients, yet 
  • Lack of Support 


  • Give a great coaching session and get re-inspired all over again
  • Get inspired by your coach
  • Get coached out of your fear
  • Take a coaching class
  • Call your coaching buddy
  • Get coached around your ‘problem’
  • Get a new client - even if they’re for free!
  • Chat with other coaches who are being successful 
  • Choose to get back into the game, anyway
  • Forget about it for a while

Do you have a better idea of what would help you? If not, get coached by a friend or colleague. That's what coaches are for after all, helping people reach their goals. That'll re-inspire you like nothing else!

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