Does Your Money Story Support Your Coaching Business?

The Secret anguage of Money

Members of the IAC North American Virtual Coaching Chapter Are In for a Treat.

In our next virtual meeting, July 12th, 2-3 PM ET, I'll be interviewing David Krueger, MD, coach, former psychiatrist, and author of The Secret Language of Money. In my humble opinion, this is one of the best, if not THE best book ever written about money, at least from a coaching standpoint. It has profound implications for coaches and their businesses, as well as for our clients.

If you are a coach who loves the profession, but wishes you were making more money with it, you need to be at this interview. Why? Because you'll gain awareness about how you think and feel about money that you won't get anywhere else. And let's face it, awareness is the first step to lasting change. You can't attract more money if you're unconscious of how you're preventing yourself from having it.

To illustrate, here's a little money exercise that I learned from David: Think about how much money you make (bring in) right now. Write that number down. Now think about how much money you need to really be happy, to live the way you really want. Write that number down. We'll come back to this exercise later in this post.

I've worked with hundreds of coaches. The differences in their levels of success come down to one thing: Their attitudes about making money. Some of the coaches I've worked with make thousands of dollars, per client, per month and have a waiting list. Others have zero paying clients for years. Yes, their coaching and marketing skills matter and so does their experience and level of personal development. But a coach can have all of that in place and still not have enough clients. Or they can have an abundance of clients from the very beginning.

David says your money is your longest-running relationship. Your family talked about it before you were born and your heirs will talk about it after you're gone. In between, like it or not, hardly any of your choices have not been tinged by money concerns. Doesn't it make sense to understand and develop a loving relationship with your money?

Even if you're a coach who has more clients than you can handle, you probably are unconsciously making money choices that keep you stuck. Understand your money story and get the freedom you really crave from your coaching business.

I'll be asking David money questions that are pertinent to coaches. If you've got a question you'd like me to ask, add it to the comments, below. We'll also have an open Q&A period, because we want you to get the insights you need to succeed on your own terms.

Back to our money exercise: Look at the two amounts of money you wrote down. Is the second one, which was the amount of money you need to be really happy, larger than the first, the amount of money you'r making now? If you're like most people, it is TWICE as large. On average, most people think they need to double their money, in order to be happy. Here's the kicker: even people who have already doubled their incomes believe they still need twice as much money to be happy! In other words, there is no such thing as 'enough money'! The difference in whether the 'not enough money' belief helps or hinders you is the meaning you give to it. You need to understand that meaning, because it's the key to finding genuine happiness.

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