How to Get a Six-Figure Coaching Business

  six figure coachingMost coaches would like to earn six figures or more with their coaching businesses.

But some coaches get caught up learning marketing strategies that have them do everything but coaching. The most popular strategies include building a big mailing list, creating a product funnel, creating free content and honestly, that's all a lot of hard work. And it might not be nearly as fun as coaching. And it can take months, if not years to make that great income.

If you're trying to do it this way, you may be wondering why you went into coaching, at all.

Well here's a little secret: You can start making a six-figure income even with a three-figure mailing list; probably with even a two-figure list. And you can do it all with the same skills you use as a coach.

Even top marketing experts, like Seth Godin, say this is the way to go.

I've been using this approach for twenty years. Adela Rubio is going to interview  me about it as part of her awesome Conscious Business Telesummit* series, which you can join for free.There are 9 other terrific Conscious Business Leaders(tm) who will also share their business secrets with you for free. Not too shabby.

The interview is Tuesday, November 17th, at  4-5 PM Eastern/NY Time. And the  topic is How to Earn a 6-Figure Income With a 3-Figure List.

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Disclosure: I'm an affiliate of this program and I would recommend it anyway.

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