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    Best Coaching Blogs 2013 Contest Winners and Finalists


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    Voting is Now Over

    Here's how the Best Coaching Blogs of 2013 were chosen:

    1. To vote for your favorite blogs, click the social sharing buttons above the blog entry to share with your social networks. Each share counts as one vote.
    2. You may vote as often as you like (however, shares to dummy accounts with no followers are not allowed)
    3. Add your comments about why you love the blog in the Comments section below it (this will attract more votes to your favorite blogs)
    4. Discover more great blogs by clicking the web address for each  entry and reading a couple of articles. Then return here and share the blogs you love with your social networks.
    5. Total number of shares will determine the semi-finalists.
    6. At the end of August, the semi-finalists will vote for 1st, 2nd & 3rd Place Winners and remaining Top Ten Winners.
    7. Winners will be announced in the Coaching Blog (subscribe above right for contest updates)

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