Challenge yourself to get into Flow

One of the most important tools of positive psychology coaching is Character Strengths, your natural talents and capabilities. Would you like to discover what your Strengths are for free?

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What to do when you know your top Strengths? One idea is to "cross train" your strengths by using them in new situations. For instance, if you're good at being grateful for material things, try looking for intangibles that you can also be grateful for, such as sunshine, good moods, helpful friends and walks in the park. Or if you're good at thanking others, take a few moments to notice the good things you do for yourself and for others and silently thank yourself. 

How to get into Flow? Use your top Strengths in challenging situations. If you're creative, for instance, try creating a bigger or more complex project. Or use your creativity in an area you previously thought was out of your skill set. If your work or hobbies are well matched with your Strengths, you may already be going into Flow. Notice when you go into Flow (you may not notice it until it's over, so look back on your week). When you learn to recognize it, it's easier to find ways to do it again.

What's the benefit of strengthening your strengths? Life gets easier and more fun the more we use our top strengths, plus we experience more Flow, especially in challenging situations. Last but not least, we get better at what we do and others appreciate us more.

Want to optimize your strengths for more fun, ease, flow and mastery?

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