Take Your Positive Psychology "Temperature" with the SPIRE Tracker

The Wholebeing Institute says there are five dimensions of you:  

  • Spiritual wellbeing, which is about meaning and what you most value
  • Physical wellbeing, which is about the health and vitality of your body
  • Intellectual wellbeing, which is about creativity and learning new things
  • Relational wellbeing, which is about the harmony and support of your relationships
  • Emotional wellbeing, which is about feelings and attitudes

When each of these dimensions is balanced and functioning well, you can be your optimal self. You'll feel happier, life will be easier and you'll be at your best. So the Wholebeing Institute has created a handy tracker to help you check in and discover how you're doing in each dimension.

The results can be pretty enlightening, especially if you track yourself daily for a week or longer, or during periods of high stress or big projects. Notice which dimensions are doing well and which aren't. Ask yourself why that might be. Is there conflict in a key relationship that's bringing your emotional wellbeing down? Over time, that could negatively impact you in every dimension, including your physical health. So what can you do about it? What's one step you could take to improve your situation? How can you use the wellbeing your have in another area to help you improve in every area?

To start tracking your Wholebeing, download the tracker here for free.

And work with a positive psychology coach who'll ask the right questions and help you be your best.