Positive Psychology Coaching: 3 Good Things
This simple exercise could change your life in a few minutes each day.

Positive Psychology Coaching personalizes the exciting findings of positive psychology research to help you succeed with your goals and flourish in your life and career. This page introduces you to  the simple Three Good Things exercise. Try this for a few minutes each night for a week. If you like it, by all means, continue! 

Three Good Things Exercise

This Positive Psychology technique has been well tested and shown to increase well-being (and has also been shown to decrease depression and anxiety). According to a study conducted by the Father of Positive Psychology, Martin Seligman, with 411 subjects, 92% became happier in 15 days. In addition, the positive effects of the exercise lasted for 6 months or longer.

Each night before going to bed, write down (or just thinks about) three good things that happened that day. The most important part of this exercise comes from reflecting on what you did to make each good thing happen. People are often unaware of their own role in positive events and underestimate their own positive impact.

This exercise can increase a sense of peace, promote confidence and enable you to acknowledge yourself, while recognizing strengths and capacities that you may otherwise have overlooked.

Your positive psychology coach knows variations on this exercise and will use questions and other coaching tools to customize it for you so you'll get even more positive benefits.

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Watch this short video with Martin Seligman for more on Three Good Things: