Great Self Coaching Group

Experience a powerful transformation for an incredibly low price

I invite you to experience a powerfully inter-developmental process, one that is unlike any you’ve ever experienced.

If you love personal growth, being the best you can be: whole complete and perfect,  healthy and mature, effective, at peace and serene...

If you’ve ever felt frustrated, unhappy, conflicted, less than your best, immature, cut off from feelings of peace and joy...

This experience is one that I guarantee you will love:

  • expand your awareness of yourself and life
  • increase feelings of empathy towards others and yourself
  • improve all of your personal relationships
  • succeed in life and career
  • create clarity and confidence
  • become irresistibly attractive to people and opportunities
  • even get a glimpse of enlightenment

I call this new process, Great Self Coaching, and I’m offering it for a very low fee, for a very short time...

What is Great Self Coaching?

Imagine you are a smart phone with 10,000 brilliant apps, but you don’t know how to use them or even what each one is for. Instead, you try to make the weather app do the job of the GPS app and then blame it for not telling you where you are. Or maybe you use a shopping app to help you lose weight, but instead you just spend money...

Sound familiar? Some of us have frustrating relationships with our phones!

Eliminate Frustration with Great Self Coaching

Yet virtually ALL of us have frustrating relationships with OURSELVES. Why? We don’t understand all of our brilliant apps! We don’t appreciate them because we don’t know what they are  or how to use them. And when we use them without awareness, we get poor results...

Worse, we blame ourselves and others and even sabotage the very things we value.

How does this happen? Research tells us our brains are made up of hundreds of discrete modules, comprised of billions of cells, making trillions of connections and... 95% of it is UNconscious!

Think about that: you’re unaware of 95% of YOU.

Psychologists go so far as to say we each have multiple personalities, not pathologically, but adaptively. We tend to be different in different situations, but usually we are unconscious that we have even changed. Others can see us and our blunders, but we are blind to ourselves.

How can you grow if you’re blind to yourself?

Fortunately, there is a way to become aware of your many personalities, modules and...apps. That’s where Great Self Coaching comes in...

Imagine being in a safe space where you can explore unconscious aspects of yourself that you’ve never experienced before. This is deep work, but not scary. And it’s surprisingly fun - and enlightening. Don’t worry, what you’ll discover is ALL good news!

Imagine that you not only learn from yourself, and from me, but also very much so from the other members of this very safe group. This amazing experience connects you to your best self and helps you master ALL your gifts for the very first time.

Actually, you probably can’t imagine this, but you can experience it first hand...

Right now, I’m only doing Great Self Coaching with groups by tele-webinar (join by phone or computer) in a fabulous new format that is incredibly effective. But you can try it out by signing up for a 'Great Self Mondays' Group Coaching Session coming up in the next few weeks (Hurry, sessions are filling fast).

Great Self Mondays offer you the flexibility to attend just one session, a couple of sessions per month, or even to attend all the sessions for the low fee of just $50 per session.

You can join as many or as few as you want for just $50, each! As with all of my low-fee programs, there are no strings attached, just lots of value (although I love it when you share with your friends).

You may however want the opportunity to coach with me privately (one-to-one) and if you are a coach-in-training, I'll give you a discounted fee.

Or join an moderately-priced ongoing group that focuses on an important issue for you, to continue this amazing process, if you want to.

Why join an ongoing group? We'll go deeper and we'll introduce powerful tools for integrating the Great Self for sustainable success. One session will give you an amazing experience. Several sessions will make that experience last for as long as you want.


Join a 'Great Self Mondays' Coaching Group now, while the fee is low and there are still seats available. 

What IS the Great Self, anyway?

That's a great question...If you're a veteran of personal development programs or of some forms of spirituality, then you may have been introduced to the distinction of the Higher Self vs. the Ego. The terminology may have been different, but the basic idea is that the Higher Self is good (ex.: loving, spiritual, altruistic, etc.), while the Ego is bad (ex.: selfish, petty, destructive, etc.) Read A New Earth for one of the best descriptions of this dualistic view of human beings.

The Great Self takes this idea a step further from either/or to both/AND. The ego is an essential operating system for any healthy human being. It's there to protect you and look out for your interests. It only becomes a problem when our interests conflict with the interests of others. This tends to happen, because we are either unaware of the ego or are rejecting it.

Eliminating the Ego would be like removing the Windows, Mac, or Chrome operating system from your smart phone and expecting it to still work. In Great Self Coaching, we integrate the ego and all of its apps with the Higher Self, which is enormously powerful. This is a HUGE upgrade, like going from 8 Gigs to 160. And it's a fun process!

How did Great Self Coaching come about?

Another awesome question. Great Self coaching is the culmination of decades of experience, helping people reach their dreams. I've synthesized and developed the work of hundreds of master teachers from fields like coaching, psychology, neuroscience, spirituality, personal development and more, such as Thomas Leonard, the Founder of the Coaching Profession, and Zen Master, Genpo Roshi, whose Big Mind process added the concepts of the Controller, Protector and Analyzer as gateways to the Great Self.

Great Self Coaching has been years in the making and you're invited to taste it now:

Come join me and...

Keep Being Great!


- Julia






Actress Thandie Newton talks about the problem of multiple selves and the Essence of the Great Self at TED

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