Financial Aid for Life and Business Coach Training

Thanks for your interest in coach training.

You're wise to consider the financial ramifications of your coach training.
You do not have several thousand dollars at stake here; you have several hundred thousand dollars at stake. In this economic environment, it's important to choose a coaching school that is designed help you become one of the very best coaches, as soon as possible, because most new coaches fail to ever find enough clients. But the best do well in any economy.

Do we offer some type of financial aid? Yes, we do:

1. We offer flexible payment plans. You may discuss this with an Enrollment Adviser. +1-877-224-2780

2. We offer an extremely affordable membership program.

3. We offer a limited amount of free training.

4. Our tuition is considerably lower than college or university training.

5. We do not offer scholarships for several reasons:

Coaching is an extremely lucrative profession for those who are highly resourceful and high functioning. Most of our students at School of Coaching Mastery pay for their advanced coach training with their current jobs or with the proceeds from their coaching clients. It's an excellent investment, because it helps them earn much more money, in the long run.

We find that coaches who are not willing to make a strong financial commitment to their professional development tend to struggle with their coaching careers, so we do not provide coach training scholarships.