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SCM's Format for Coach 100 Business Success Program Modules

These are four-week, one-hour modules for the School of Coaching Mastery's Coach 100 Business Success Program.

Modules with description of each individual class, below:

C101 Get Started

There is one coaching program that has been helping new and experienced coaches fill up their coaching practices, become masterful and get certified, without learning awkward or complicated sales and marketing techniques. Get confidence, credibility and clients by doing what you love: coaching.

1. Introduction to the Coach 100 Program.

2. The "Coach 100" Feedback System.

3. The Coach 100 Launchpad.

4. Inviting People to Complimentary Sessions.

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C102 Successful Complimentary Sessions

The complimentary session (A.K.A. sample session, trial session, or whatever you prefer) is where most coaches sign on most of their clients. Learn to conduct sessions that attract clients easily. If you can coach, you can sign on paying clients. It's that simple.

1. Successful Complimentary Sessions, Part 1.

2. Successful Complimentary Sessions, Part 2.

3. Following Up on Complimentary Sessions.

4. The Tough Questions.

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C103 Get Your Business Ready

It's often said that when your business is ready, the clients will come. Why? Because setting up your business gives you clarity and confidence and both are attractive to clients. Also, once you know you're ready, you can turn your attention on to the really fun part: meeting and working with your clients and helping them succeed.

1. A Niche is Nice But Not Necessary.

2. Your Welcome Package.

3. Organizing Your Business

4. Feeling Like a Real Coach Yet?

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C104 Tell People How You Can Help

Marketing is not about self promotion or getting people to give you their money. It's simply about communication and relationship building. Those are two things that all good coaches excel at. Learn how and when to share how you can help others and you'll find marketing to be easy and fun.

1. I Hate to Market!

2. Networking and Elevator Speeches.

3. Get a Web Site that Works for YOU.

4. "Angels" or "Centers of Influence".

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C105 Attract Clients

When your business is ready, your communications systems are working and your complimentary sessions are effective, client attraction will feel like a natural flow. Now you're ready to branch out into new ways of attracting clients. Build multiple touch points where you can connect with new potential clients.

1. Where Are Your Next Clients Hiding?

2. Attracting Clients with Teleclasses and Webinars.

3. Developing Intellectual Property to Grow Your Practice.

4. What to Do When You're Stuck.

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C106 Take the Long View

Filling your coaching practice isn't the final step in coach success. Building sustainable success is what most coaches really want. Let's start looking at some "advanced" tools for developing your successful business now and for years to come.

1. Group Coaching and Other Formats.

2. Raising Your Fees.

3. Time to Brand?

4. Strategizing for Long Term Success

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