IAC Coaching Masteries(TM)


As we get ready for the Certification Prep Intensive weekend that is coming up In NYC October 26-28, focus on the IAC Coaching Masteries is increasing, here at the School of Coaching Mastery (SCM).

SCM is the first and only full-service coach training school that prepares coaches for the prestigious IAC Certified Coach designation with the IAC Coaching MasteriesTM.

But that's not all SCM does. We're ready to roll out two new courses this Fall, "New Paradigms for Coaches" gets to the philosophy behind the coaching movement and "Intro to Spiral Dynamics Coaching" reveals the psychology behind people, values, culture and evolution. Great stuff!

Still preparing coaches for IAC Certification, the only certification by an independent not-for-profit organization that is based primarily on the quality of the coach's coaching (The only thing that really matters to coaching clients), is what gives SCM it's underlying structure and inspiration. Nothing is more exciting and humbling than witnessing new coaches blossom into masterful coaches. Masterful coaches are changing the world.

The IAC Coaching MasteriesTM are a higher level of coaching than is being taught almost any where else and what we've discovered, is that even new coaches can learn coaching at this higher level, when properly taught. No more struggling with mediocre skills that are hard to sell to a skeptical public. Coaches can learn what works quite quickly. That's great news for coaches and for the world!

If you're in the NYC area and would like an introduction to the IAC Coaching MasteriesTM, join us October 25th, one day before the Certification Prep Intensive for the one-day Masteries Intro Intensive. Prepare with the most sophisticated coaching model in the world and then spend a 2 1/2 day weekend with Master Instructor Donna Steinhorn, IAC-CC and me (Julia Stewart, IAC-CC, President of the School of Coaching Mastery) to prepare two recordings for submission to the IAC for Certification. You leave this program with two recordings that are ready to pass the rigorous Certification process, or you'll know exactly what you need to work on.

“Anyone who is committed to his or her own greatness should take this course. The profession will be enhanced immeasurably as a result and the way this would affect the world is awe-inspiring!”

- Kristi Arndt, PhD, IAC-CC, idealscoach.com

Copyright, Julia Stewart, 2007

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