Why Some Coaches Don't Have Clients: The 9th Reason

The Shadow

This is the most insidious reason that some coaches don't have clients.

  • If you think the economy is in the way
  • If you're not sure you're giving enough value
  • If you've tried every program and nothing works
  • If you think of investing in your business as an 'expense'
  • If you think you should be doing better
  • If you're focused on you, instead of your clients
  • If your coach is frustrated with you
  • If Sales & Marketing feel more like S&M...
All of the above are symptoms of the Coaching Shadow.

The shadow is impossible to deal with, unless you know how. When you know how, it's incredibly easy, but most coaches don't have these tools, yet.

More Training is Not the Answer.
You can master the skills of coaching. And master the skills of Sales and Marketing and they will not work for you. You can work harder than everyone else. Zip.
Handle the Shadow and the tools you have will 'magically' begin to work. Handle the Shadow and you'll start having fun. Handle the Shadow and clients will come to you, instead of you chasing after them. Handle the shadow and your coaching income will sustain you.

Everyone has a Shadow. Some coaches have a Coaching Shadow.

Work with a Shadow Coach to handle your shadow once and for all. If you think you may have a Coaching Shadow, you have a few more days to join a mentor group designed to handle your Shadow and help you fill your business, once and for all.

If you wonder why this would work when nothing else has, that's your Shadow talking.

All I can tell you is that it will work. The coaches who've joined will prove it for me.

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Check out the Coach 100 Mentor Group now.


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