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One of the Secrets of Coaching Success

Posted by Julia Stewart

AmericaFor some reason, the coaches who are best known among other coaches are also the most successful.

Why? Other coaches recommend them, develop joint partnerships with them, share new opportunities, tools, methods and more with them. All of this makes it much, much easier to attract clients and true prosperity.

 On the surface, it doesn't seem to make much sense, but networking with other coaches is vital to your success, especially during your early years of coaching.

At SCM, we're always looking for more ways to bring coaches together, so they can benefit from this powerful coaching juice and now we have another resource that is totally new and you're invited to join for free:

The IAC North American Virtual Chapter

What is it?

It's a virtual networking opportunity for coaches across the continent (although coaches around the world are already joining and are thoroughly welcome). Within it, you can connect, network, build friendships and partnerships, become known, learn more, share more and have a vote on everything we do. And it's all free.

We meet once per month via teleconference and in between, we connect via our social networking group. So you continue growing and cementing those relationships everyday and have a say about what's going on. It's your career, so we know how important it is to you.

Our first meeting is in one week and we have two current IAC Certifying Examiners* as guests, Natalie Tucker Miller, IAC-CC, and Elizabeth Nofziger, IAC-CC (Read bios here).

Topic: What Are the Certifiers Really Looking For?

Our permanent schedule will be decided by vote, so join up early and tell us when you want to get together. This first meeting will be at 8 - 9:30 PM Eastern/NY Time and you'll be able to call in later to hear the recording, so even if this time doesn't work for you, JOIN. It only takes a minute.

And please, do your coaching colleagues a favor and share this post with them via email, Facebook, Twitter, or whatever you prefer. Just use the buttons at the top of this post. They make it easy and instant.

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Go here to become a member of the IAC North American Virtual Chapter.

Disclosure: Both Natalie and Elizabeth are instructors and certifiers for SCM, as well.


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