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Hey! I got this little graphic from Andy Wibbels, today. Cool. He used my blog testimony in his newly released Blogging Bible, BLOGWILD! Basically, I talked about how this blog attracts new coaching clients to my business. (Very cool. Check it out on page 138.) Nice to attract business by doing something I like anyway. Yet another example of the old Attraction Principle, "Add value just for the joy of it." Something very attractive about that. That's also partly why Andy's work is so attractive (and successful): He gives cool stuff away. (And he happens to be very, very good at what he does!)

He's a great example of "Giving is the new marketing." The web makes it possible. Consciousness makes it inevitable. (More on "The Power of Giving" in April 18th's Confab with special guest, Kathryn Gotshall English. If you still haven't joined, go here:www.coachingconfab.com)

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