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Here’s a secret that most coach training schools won’t tell you: 79.6%* of life
and business coaches are less than thrilled with their coaching businesses.

What!? Professional coaches are in the business of helping their clients succeed with their dreams. So why are only 20.4% of coaches reaching their own dreams?

Each coach is different, but poor preparation and lack of commitment are two big, big reasons why some coaches aren’t making it. And both are easy to address without spending thousands of dollars! 

Why would School of Coaching Mastery tell you something upfront that mightJulia Stewart deter you from buying our coach training? Because our founder, Julia Stewart, is a veteran Certified Mentor Coach who has heard every problem there is from new coaches. She’s coached many of the top coaches in the business and she designed this school to address every key coaching problem right from the beginning. So our students have the best possible opportunity to join the ranks of the top 10-20% of business and life coaches who say they are thrilled with their coaching success.


If you’re going to become a coach, become one of the 20% who are thrilled with their coaching careers!


That’s why before you take that big leap into becoming a coach and spending thousands for coach training, you need to get very clear about two things:

  • Is coaching really the right career for me?

  • How can I learn what I need in order to become a successful coach?

That’s why we created the Free Coach Training Program: So you can answer those questions for yourself, without investing thousands of dollars first. We’re giving our visitors the opportunity to explore professional coach training with no strings attached.

  • If you decide that becoming a professional coach is not for you, no problem, the new communication and relationship skills you learn from us for free just might transform your life, anyway.

  • If you decide that becoming a professional coach is your true calling, but the School of Coaching Mastery approach isn’t your style, no problem again. Your free training will help you succeed, no matter where you study next.

  • If you decide that becoming a successful coach is your destiny and you love the School of Coaching Mastery approach to preparing you to create the life and business you really want, then the ICF Approved CERTIFIED POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY COACH® Program may be perfect for you. ACSTH_WEB_(2)

  • ICF ACSTH is a stamp of approval from the world's oldest and largest professional association for life, business, and executive coaches.


We have many more resources for coaches like you. 

The purpose of our free resources, including the Free Coach Training Program, are to give every coach the tools he or she needs to get off to a successful start, without spending a ton of money first. That said, starting a successful business is never really free. It always requires an investment of time, effort, money and love. Use these tools to determine which programs and tools you most need to invest in. A program that brings you the business you want and the income you deserve, isn't an expense; it's a good investment.

For some coaches, the next step after the Free Coach Training Program...which includes the introductory course, Coaching Groundwork Basic, is Coaching Groundwork Advanced, an 8-week, 16-hour live distance-learning program that can yield your first coach certification for a relatively low fee.

But if you want to get off to an amazing start, the Certified Positive Psychology Coach® Program is designed to help professional coaches get off to the best possible start, so when asked if they’re thrilled about their businesses, they’re among the 20% who say, ‘YES!’

What's your next step? Internationals Association of Coaching


Life and business coaching has grown and changed in recent years. This is a great thing for coaches and coaching clients. And now there's a school that reflects this amazing growth. We're so sure that we can assist talented coaches become successful faster, that we challenge you to find another coaching school that gives as much value for your money.  

If you're thinking about coach training, you can recession-proof your career and have a lot more fun by joining a coaching school that teaches   mastery  from the ground up: Coaching helps everyone enjoy their work and be more productive. And it’s fun to learn. Everybody wins!

School of Coaching Mastery will train you to become a coach and take you all the way to mastery and coach certification. You can add coaching skills to your current resume, become a professional Life coach or Business Coach and/or step up to mastery and qualify for the gold standard in coach certification. We'll also teach you how to attract coaching clients and give you tools to get started quickly.

Whether you want to coach in your current career or become a professional coach, we have a flexible coach training program that works for you. We also have an abundance of resources and tools to support any life coach or business coach. Just follow the links...

--Eight skills that will get you coaching right away: Coach training for the brand-new coach or the non-coach who wants great coaching skills. Go here to find out more about Coaching Groundwork.

--For the coach who wants evidence-based coach training check out the Certified Positive Psychology Coach® Program. Qualify for coach certification and start a coaching career - It's our best value.

--For the experienced or professional coach who's ready for more coaching training and wants to step up to ICF or IAC Coach Certification, check the Certified Coach Training Program. Be the best!

Want to know more about how SCM is a special coaching school and how we can help you?


and of course, you're welcome to contact us:

Phone: 877-224-2780 (TOLL FREE IN US,CA,PR,GU)

Email questions or comments here

Our coaches are already achieving ICF and IAC coach certification and are going out and doing great work, opening up whole new worlds for their clients and by extension ~ transforming the world.

This is our mission: To help bring more masterful coaches into the world and do it faster. If you love to grow, you can be one of these coaches!

How can the SCM difference benefit you? We're small and we have small coach training classes, because we've noticed that talented coaches master coaching skills faster when they get the attention, practice and feedback they need. We have no grandiose plans to become the biggest coaching school, just a big vision for our coaches.

Anything else? Yes, we're different in many ways, but one of the most significant is in the type of coach/student we attract: talented, highly motivated, self-starters who are lit up about the coaching profession and are ready to roll up their sleeves and do what it takes to be the best business and life coaches in the world. These coaches are what make SCM come alive with enthusiasm and innovation. They are the next generation of personal coaches and they're ready to transform the world! 

If this sounds like you, please do get involved (see below). There are so many opportunities for a new coaching career, if you get off to the right start.

This is a greenhouse environment for self starters who are ready to step up.

If you want to jump into professional coaching with both feet, this is the place for you. If you'd rather hide out undisturbed and never change, think twice about joining us! ;-)

Our coach/students are courageous, fast learners. Amazing new coaches join us and many of our experienced coach/students have been trained elsewhere, and/or have been coaching professionally for years. If you want to learn the simplest and most powerful coaching skills quickly, along side other talented coaches, you may find the School of Coaching Mastery is perfect for you.

What's next? Well you may have noticed the link to subscribe to the Coaching Newletter, for audio, video and articles on coaching skills, coaching business-building, plus the hottest blogs , because mastery is fun!


To get more involved, check out our free Study Groups.


You'll also want to visit our coaching blogs and forums and take a look at our upcoming coach training modules and programs. Join our coaching school, if you're ready. 


If you're brand-new to coaching, you'll want to take the Coaching Groundwork module. Then, if you love us, sign up for the Ultimate Coach Training Program (or you can register for the Full Coach Training Program first and take Coaching Groundwork as part of it.) You'll get mastery coach training, personal development, plus business-building courses and much much more.


If you're a seasoned coach who wants the prestige of being certified in the Coaching Masteries(tm) by the IAC or credentialed by the ICF, the Certified Coach Training Program is for you. Sign up for the whole program or take it one module at the time!


And of course, you're welcome to contact us:

Email questions or comments here

* 79.6% statistic from School of Coaching Mastery's own 'Do you need coach certification?' survey, as of September 19, 2010.

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