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What is SCM+?

The Evolution of Coaching

If you're looking for coach training, you're probably overwhelmed. There are thousands of coaching schools. They all claim to be the best, but which one is right for you and is it up-to-date? 

We'll help you overcome your overwhelm by giving you the latest info that you need, when you need it, in language you understand, and a price you can afford.

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Have you tried any of these?

  1. Coaching without training or credentials?
  2. Coaching with just training from a marketing guru?
  3. Coaching with an "accredited school" that costs several thousand dollars and locks you into years of boring hoops to jump through before you become a credentialed coach?

The first doesn't work. The second also doesn't work and could get you scammed. The third is better but takes too long and costs too much. Many talented coaches quit before they succeed!

There is a much better way.

Grow Your Career as You Learn

  • Get training designed to benefit you most.
  • Become a credentialed professional faster.
  • Pay only for what you need.
  • Master coaching sooner.
  • Get clients faster or get hired faster!

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SCM+ is a Brand New Approach to Coaching

  • Keep the best of traditional coaching and update it with the latest in coaching research +
  • Include positive psychology and neuroscience +
  • Give coaches the freedom to take what they need +
  • Partner with IAPPC to get coaches certified sooner +
  • Make it affordable and let coaches learn at their own pace +
  • Blend business & career building with coach training =
  • Thriving Coaches with Flourishing Clients

Now You're Thriving!

Start thriving as a coach sooner rather than later. 

  • You'll know what you know and you'll have the credentials to prove it.
  • You're confident because you're coaching with tools that are confirmed by empirical science.
  • You're having fun because the science shows it's YOU, using your own strengths, that makes coaching effective. (Strengths = Flow)
  • You have the freedom to explore the best tools and choose those that work for you and your clients.
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