Course 1: Introduction to Positive Psychology Coaching

This ten-week, 20-hour course is for people who are new to coaching and positive psychology, and it can be taken via live webinars or opt to watch the recorded videos, instead!

Fun & Effective

Experience the Power of Positive Psychology Coaching

First try out several positive psychology interventions to help you become happier and reach your dreams. Then, start learning to coach with these powerful  tools!

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Learn to Coach with Positive Psychology

Course Description

This ten-week course is taught via live webinars or recorded videos (your choice) and includes 20 hours of class instruction, six written coaching guides, and much more. It is designed for people with little or no coach training or knowledge of positive psychology. Get started quickly!

Successful completion leads to...

  •  personal and professional growth
  • evidence-based tools that will help you reach your dreams
  • introduction to positive psychology coaching
  • learn about related fields, like neuroscience and emotional intelligence
  • listen to expert coaching sessions
  • get opportunities to coach in live classes
  • earn a certificate of completion
  • preparation towards IAPPC certification

This is the second course in the Certified Positive Psychology Coach Program and will further your preparation for IAPPC certification. If you would like to join the full program, get your certification through us, and take more than one course at a time, you will need to apply and be accepted to the program.

Our Features

Why Choose Our Courses?

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Prepare for your coach certification

The material in this course can help prepare you for IAPPC certification

Team up with classmates to practice your coaching

Meet with study groups to deepen your positive psychology coach learning

Hear coaching demonstrations

Attend live and get a chance to coach and get valuable feedback on your positive psychology coaching in class!

IAPPC Approved Coach Trainers

 All our coach trainers are approved by the International Association of Positive Psychology Coaches.

How It Works

Stop talking about becoming a coach and get started!

Take one course or take them all. Take your courses from anywhere online via our live webinars, recorded videos, and written materials. Got a question? Just ask!


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What They're Saying

"Thank-you!  This class has been excellent for me as a new coach.  It has given me confidence that I am on the right path, and provided me with a good foundation (no pun intended!) to move forward in my coaching business.  I look forward to more classes!" Angela Goodeve
"I just want to share that I honestly feel like Julia and the School of Coaching Mastery wants us to succeed and that is awesome. You guys do great stuff and I look forward to doing great work with you!" Shanda Kloster
"Its becoming very enjoyable. I admire the openess and freedom especially the awareness that the client see of him or her self" Autumn Urling