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International Association of Positive Psychology Coaches

The IAPPC is your resource for networking, learning, and succeeding as a professional positive psychology coach.

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Membership is currently free to all positive psychology coaches. Be sure to complete the form to the right to join!

IAPPC members in good standing receive:

  • Free live attendance in webinar interviews with leaders in positive psychology and coaching.
  • Online networking opportunities with other positive psychology coaches.
  • Membership in the Facebook Page, International Association of Positive Psychology Coaches.
  • IAPPC Member logo for your website, email, and social profiles.
  • Free Basic Listing on the Positive Psychology Coach online coach directory
  • An opportunity to be certified by the IAPPC.

IAPPC was founded in August 2019 by Julia Stewart, MMC, BCC, CiPP, President of School of Coaching Mastery. We already have over 1,000 enthusiastic members! IAPPC is an independent legal entity and will have its own website but it currently hosted on the SCM site. It builds on a smaller organization, the APPC, or Association of Positive Psychology Coaches, first founded by Julia Stewart and David McQuarrie, CPPC, in 2016. Previous coaching associations, such as the ICF and IAC, were also founded by coaching schools. That said, all positive psychology coaches are welcome at IAPPC and membership is currently free for everyone.



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