Get Certified: Fast Track to Coach Certification

If you're a professional life or business coach who wants to get certified, this program is fast and comprehensive.

If you want to qualify to become an ICF Certified Coach and/or an SCM Certified Mastery Coach, this is our Fast Track to Coach Certification program. It includes:

  • Mastery Express Module 
  • Seven Secrets of Certification Module (Learn the 7 secrets that separate Certified Coaches from all others.)
  • Certification Practicum (Practice, record, listen, observe. This is the fastest way to learn for advanced coaches.)
  • SCM Certified Mastery Coach (This is a skill-based Certification from School of Coaching Mastery. Your application fee is included in this package. You must qualify to receive certification.)
Twenty-four hours of advanced coaching-skills training (both life and recorded), plus your application to become a Certified Mastery Coach. If you took these modules separately, it would cost you $1,375USD. Sign up for the package for only $995.