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If you've read about the psychology of values, then you know that it's a key model for understanding how humans evolve.

What could be a more perfect coaching model? At SCM, you'll be trained how your coaching clients evolve and how you can better assist them in Introduction to Psychology of Values for Coaches. You'll also have an opportunity to earn your Psychology of Values certificate. It's included with our Coach Launch Pro and Certified Positive Psychology Coach® programs. Or you can take it as a stand-alone course.

People are evolving faster than ever and it's having a transformative impact on the world. Learn how to identify where your clients are right now and where they are going next. You can do this, once you understand the dynamics of the evolutionary spiral of values and how it shows up in coaching.

Why is this important?  

  • The world is transforming and needs coaches, like you, who understand this
  • You can help your clients find more solutions faster
  • Expand the transformative value you provide
  • Understand clients who think differently from you
  • Expand the number of clients you can work with effectively
  • Enjoy coaching even more
  • Have more clients raving about you and your spiral coaching 

Learn the research and theories behind evidence-based coaching and earn your Psychology of Values Certificate.

What is it? It’s an 8-hour distance-learning coach training course in which any professional coach can learn evidence-based coaching techniques for effective Values Coaching and upgrade your results.

The psychology of values, which is based on research into what people value, is a form of developmental, or evolutionary, psychology. Most people who study it come away feeling like they really understand humanity for the very first time. It's as if somebody finally turned on the lights.

It goes by many names: Psycho-social-spiritual development (Clare Graves), "Spiral Dynamics Integral" (Don Beck), Integral Psychology (Ken Wilber), Integral Consciousness (Steve McIntosh), Evolutionary Enlightenment (Andrew Cohen). As the results of new research comes on line, the theory itself is evolving, but one thing keeps coming up: Humans are currently making a momentous leap in consciousness that is transforming the world. You and your coaching clients can also make this leap. Here's some of what we know: Jane Coach IPP5-1

  • People evolve according to what they value
  • Evolution progresses according to a messy, but predictable pattern
  • This pattern is described as a spiral of levels that transcend and include
  • Higher levels aren't better, just more complex
  • People evolve from from "blame and be blamed", to "thrive and help thrive"
  • What people value determines how they think
  • Most people are unaware of the multitude of other levels
  • Our life conditions determine how evolved we are
  • The Integral and Holistic levels are evolving now
  • These higher levels are the first in history to understand the spiral
  • Higher levels are needed today to solve the problems of our planet
  • We can't make people evolve, but we can assist them in the process
  • Values coaching has emerged, because the world needs more highly evolved people to solve today's problems and coaches are needed to assist with that 

Are you ready to move your life coaching (or business or executive coaching) from woo-woo to proven? Well, plenty of non-woo-woo experts, such as Integral Philosopher, Ken Wilber, the most influential philosopher of our time, have embraced the evolutionary psychology of values, known as "The theory that explains everything."


Introduction to the Evolutionary Psychology of Values for Coaches will help you leverage the research, theories, assessments and dynamics of the spiral of evolving values and use it within your own coaching.

  • The psychology of values will help you evolve in your own life and career
  • Spiral values coaching tools will help your clients thrive in their lives and careers, as well
  • Your Psychology of Values Certificate will give you credibility as a professional coach
  • Your evidence-based coaching will lead to better results and help you stand out among coaches
  • Your knowledge of coaching with the spiral of values will put you at the forefront of the coaching profession

Your live, interactive webinar classes, which you can take from anywhere in the world, will introduce you to the research, theories, assessments and tools used in values coaching to help clients evolve.

Who is this Introduction to the Evolutionary Psychology of Values for?

  • If you’re a talented new coach who wants professional training, Introduction to the Evolutionary Psychology of Values for Coaches is for you
  • If you’re a coach who has had coach-specific training and is ready to advance, this could be the next step for you
  • If you're a coach who prefers to learn in an interactive live webinar, with feedback and grades, but no time or money wasted on travel, this program is for you
  • If you’re a coach who's interested in getting a Psychology of Values Certificate, this is your opportunity
  • If you’re a coach who is savvy about investing in your success, this is a fantastic opportunity for you to learn and SAVE
  • If you’re a coach who sees the value in evolving yourself and your clients, sign up now, because seating is limited
  • Finally, if you're a great coach, you're probably curious about the evolutionary psychology of values and what it can do for your clients. This is your perfect opportunity to find out.

You're busy and money might be tight. So how can you afford to take this course?

Simple. You can't afford not to find the time and money, because it will create even more time and money for you.


How is Introduction to the Evolutionary Psychology of Values for Coaches delivered?


  • You’ll take four, weekly 2-hour tele-webinars* led by SCM President, Julia Stewart, MMC
  • Each class is conversational, highly interactive, fast paced and fun
  • Each tele-webinar is accompanied by an in-depth written Coaching Guide (included at no extra charge) that provides you with details about successful coaching - both the skills and the business, or with exercises and feedback forms
  • You’ll get opportunities to practice what you learn immediately, so you internalize it and can then use it with your coaching clients
  • Every tele-webinar is recorded, so you can view/listen again, as often as you want, 24/7
  • At the end of the last class, you’ll take online test that covers what you just learned. Pass with a score of 80%, as well as 75% attendance and qualify for your Psychology of Values Certificate
  • If you don't pass the test on the first try, a test link will be emailed to you the following day and you can retake the test
  • Your Psychology of Values Certificate and website badge will be emailed to you
  • Enjoy the prestige of earning a certificate from School of Coaching Mastery
  • You’ll have the option of being listed on the School of Coaching Mastery website, along with other recipients of the Psychology of Values Certificate

* Tele-webinars allow us to do everything in a virtual class that we can do with a live classroom, except shake hands or get stuck in traffic. Now you can learn in your own style in this money-saving, time-saving, hassle-saving format. You do NOT have to incur long-distance charges or call an international telephone number! And you do not have to go online to participate. Distance learning has never been easier nor more economical.

How can you save money?The normal tuition for the 8-hour Evolutionary Psychology of Values for Coaches course is just $595 USD.

  • PLUS: Normally, there is an extra $100 charge to get your Psychology of Values  Certificate, but we're currently waving that fee, so you save $100, if you register for the upcoming course!
  • Best of all, you'll have skills and tools that are proven to work, so you can create the life and business you really want!

How can you earn a Psychology of Values Certificate? 

  • Just pass the 20-question multiple-choice online test on the psychology of values  (You'll get 2 chances to pass the test), with a grade of 80% or higher...
  • Attend 75% of classes...
  • And you will be awarded your Psychology of Values Certificate!


When is Introduction to Evolutionary Psychology of Values for Coaches offered next?


  • Introduction to the Evolutionary Psychology of Values for Coaches is offered once per year.
  • View the dates and times for the next course to the right
  • You’ll be able to qualify for your prestigious Psychology of Values Certificate within weeks!

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