Elite Mentor Coaching for High Achievers

Anyone who wants to achieve a life of meaningful success needs a coach in their corner. If you watched the recent Olympics, you saw this in action.

Most coaches want to help people achieve lives of meaningful success, because they love helping and they know people pay well to be coached to success.

Doing well by doing good is a challenging path that coaches eagerly take, because the alternative - such as working for a corporation - is a stressful existence that pulls you away from what you value and leaves you stressed and empty.

This challenging path easily rivals the Olympic dreams of elite athletes, so people who take the path of meaningful success need coaches.

So why don’t more coaches have their own coaches?

All the successful coaches I know have had excellent coach training and their own mentor coaches. The ones who didn’t succeed, did not.

For too many coaches, money is the excuse. Their story goes something like...

  • ‘When I get paying clients, I’ll hire my own coach.’
  • Or: ‘Since neither of us is making any money, my buddy coach and I are enough for each other for now.’
  • Or: ‘Coach training is expensive, so I’ll try to make it without hiring my own coach.’

If you’re a perceptive coach, you can spot the fallacy in each of these statements. And yet, you may be unconsciously making a similar excuse.

Every successful coach I know can answer the following question: ‘Without my coach, I would never have succeeded at __________, which completely transformed my life.’

How would you answer that question?

If you can’t answer it instantly, something’s wrong with your coaching strategy. And you probably aren’t reaching your dream of meaningful success, either. Because it’s related.

I’ve been thinking about the best way to make training and mentoring available, because great coaches need both. And I’ve been looking at how to make it more cost effective, without creating a bargain-basement solution with bargain-basement results.

So I’m looking for a few coaches, perhaps including you, if you’re a high achiever who’s ready to reach your potential. As a coach, you want a life of meaningful success. And you know you need a strong coach to help you get there.

What’s the opportunity? I’m offering personal mentor coaching in a new format that includes just-in-time coach training for whatever goal you’re ready to achieve:

  • get started as a coach
  • fill your coaching practice
  • get certified
  • balance a great business with a great life.

In addition to coaching you one-on-one, I’ll open up my bottomless toolbox and share exactly the tools, resources, opportunities and training, whatever you need whenever you need it, so your success gets easier and faster.

Notice I didn’t say ‘easy’, just ‘easier’. Because becoming a successful coach is never a no-brainer, so be prepared to expand beyond your previous idea of what’s possible for you.

I promise I’ll elicit your Personal Greatness, weekly. I’ll also help you strategize your surest path to success, connect your values to your strengths and help you step into a position of leadership as a coaching professional. And we’ll have fun while we're at it!

"Results are what you’ll see what you take full advantage of the Elite Mentoring Program for High Achievers. Working with Master Coach Julia Stewart, I found the clarity I needed and the insights that inspired me to take action and keep working. Within weeks, I doubled the number of coaching clients I work with, expanded my professional speaking business by adding three new clients and launched my website. Within months, I designed and delivered a nationwide professional development program for a new client and launched a popular group coaching program. Trust Julia with your highest aspirations. Stay open to new possibilities. Do the work and you will create what you really want, and more." - Nancy McCabe, Boston, MA

This is elite coaching for a select number of high achievers who know you haven’t fully reached your potential and you’re just itching for the opportunity to flourish.

In addition to having me in your corner as your personal coach, you’ll have the wealth of resources of School of Coaching Mastery, available to you, as you need it. I’ll personally guide you through exactly the learning you need when you need it, no more, no less.

Given that full tuition at School of Coaching Mastery is nearly $6000, Elite Mentor Coaching for High Achievers is a fantastic opportunity. You'll  get personal mentor coaching and personalized just-in-time coach training that will save you time, effort and money.

"I have had the opportunity to have mentor coaching with Julia Stewart for the better part of this year - 2013. During this time, in addition to helping me to better articulate my mission, vision and values, Julia has encouraged me to publish both a new website and several articles. In addition to being a rational sounding board as I have transitioned myself from one market to another, Julia has been a wonderful guide to the world of structured coaching, helping me to reorganize my business to accommodate its second life stage as well as my transition from management consultant to management coach. Julia is thoughtful, responsible, strategic, compassionate and enlightening - I highly recommend any one truly seeking high level transformation to engage." - Jeremy Tick, CEO, Tick Management Group 

No more overwhelm. No more confusion. No more struggle. No more isolation.

What is it worth to you to achieve your dreams?

If you are interested, please contact me for a coaching consultation via the form to the right. Share 3 days/times when you can be available in the next two weeks to talk by phone or internet for 30 minutes and be sure to include your Time Zone. Oh and tell me what your big goal is and why you’re ready to reach it.

"When I hired Julia as my mentor coach, I wasn't entirely sure I needed it. I had quite a bit of education and experience already and the industry does not require certified coaching credentials to be recognized as a coach. I wasn't sure it would be a good investment for the money. After coaching for 3 months with Julia and taking several classes at SCM, I can say that not only was this a great investment but possibly the best investment I have made in my career. I would recommend this to experienced coaches as well as inexperienced coaches. The value of the service far exceeds the cost, which makes this a savvy investment in YOU!" - Patrice Swenson, Winona, MN

Please don’t request a coaching consultation unless you are serious about hiring a mentor coach and you have the time, money, energy and resolve to reach your dreams, now. 

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If you’re a high achiever (or want to be one) and you're ready to enjoy meaningful success, I’m looking forward to coaching you. To get started, fill out the consultation request form, above right, and let's talk about how you can reach your goals. Please note: Consultations are currently $350USD. You'll receive valuable insights and will know whether you want to continue coaching.