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How to Become an IAC Certified Coach

Posted by Julia Stewart

How to Become an IAC Certified CoachThe first meeting of the IAC North American Virtual Chapter offered amazing insights to members into IAC Coach Certification and what it takes to pass it.

Our guests, Natalie Tucker Miller, IAC-CC, (Lead Certifier for and Past President of the IAC) and Elizabeth Nofziger, IAC-CC, (Certifying Examiner for the IAC)* went through the 9 IAC Coaching Masteries(tm) one by one and pointed out common mistakes and simple solutions to each one. The resulting audio recording is a 'must listen' for anyone who is thinking about qualifying for this highly respected coach certification.

To welcome our 100 new members, I wrote a free white paper called, 'How to Become an IAC-CC'. I based the content of the white paper on observations of how the coaching industry and the role that coach certification plays in it, has changed over the years and I included lists of tips and 'do's and don'ts'  that I've compiled in my years of teaching and mentoring coaches to become IAC Certified Coaches.

It's not too late to join the IAC North American Virtual Chapter. Everyone who joins will get links to both the free White Paper and the audio recording of our first meeting. 

As an additional gift from School of Coaching Mastery, for a limited time, members of the new chapter can also save on a new 8-hour coach training program with  Natalie Tucker Miller, IAC-CC, Elizabeth Nofiziger, IAC-CC, and me, called 'Certified Coach: Master What the Certifiers Are Looking For'.

Join the chapter below to receive the white paper on how to become an IAC-CC, the audio recording of the certifiers, and a coupon code to join the new certification program and save.


 Join the IAC North American Virtual Chapter here.

* Disclosure: Natalie and Elizabeth are also instructors and certifiers for School of Coaching Master.

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