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In-Person Coach Training for Only $25

Posted by Julia Stewart

Center for Spiritual LivingAs you may know, School of Coaching Mastery occasionally raises money for charities.

The inspiration for doing this came from the Center for Spiritual Living in St. Louis. I think it's time to raise funds for the Center!

So I'm offering our signature 8-hour coach training program at the Center, Aug. 6 - 27, 7 - 9 PM for a minimum $25 contribution to the Center ($30 at the door) for the whole 8-hour program (or join our Coaching Superheroes by contributing $100). 100% of the proceeds goes to CSL.

It's not for coaches only, although coaching professionals will love brushing up their coaching skills in this fun, live venue.

We're calling it Mastery of Relationships, because the skills you'll learn can transform your relationships (not to mention your life), even if you don't coach professionally.

On the other hand, coaching skills can enhance anything you do, so feel free to bring them into any profession you're in (or would like to be in - they can enhance your job interview skills, as well).

As Jack Welch, legendary General Electric CEO, said: "People who are coaches will be the norm. Other people won't get promoted."

Don't live close enough to St. Louis to attend? You probably know somebody who does, so please pass this post on via email, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn (all the links are above).

Want to register for this one-time-only event?


Go here to read more about this live coach training seminar and register for it.

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