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Coaching Mastery: Best Practices

Posted by Julia Stewart

Blue Ribbon Coach? What are the best practices that one might expect in a master coach?

In other words, what are "blue ribbon practices"? At SCM, we use the IAC Ethical Principles as a guideline for what's acceptable (and hopefully at least legal) behavior in a professional coach. But that's not always enough.

What are the practices that best represent professional coaching?

This is a project that we are embarking on at SCM, so our coaches have clear guidelines for what's expected of mastery coaches. Best practices in the coaching profession would go much further than ethical principles. I think they also include courtesy, following through on promises, going the extra distance with service. We need specific examples to help guide our coaches, so they can show up as the very best in their demeanor as well as in their coaching skills.

I'll be checking in with SCM's Board of Advisors, as well as with our Ad Hoc Advisors and some of our advanced coaches, but I'd love your input as well. What represents "Best Practices" for you as a coach? Put another way, when have you observed a coach behaving in a way that truly inspires you? Think of the coaches you really admire and and imagine what it would take for you to show up at that level. What are the qualities and specific actions involved in "blue ribbon coaching"?

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If you don't mind taking a moment, please add a comment below. Thanks! 

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