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Best Coaching Blogs Run Off

Posted by Julia Stewart

Over the last 72 hours, I've communicated with virtually every blogger who entered Best Coaching Blogs.

And although most of the coaches have used words like, "thrilled" and "delighted" to describe their experience, with many reporting new subscribers to their blogs, there's no question that the voting criteria was misunderstood by some contestants. Some people voted "daily" instead of just once, so the resulting number of votes is simply not a fair yardstick for measurement.

I really wanted a "people's choice" contest for the best blogs written by coaches, because it encourages more people to read coaching blogs. From what I hear, that's exactly what has happened. (Yay!)

Now it's time to decide the finalists. However, I'm simply not willing to do that based on the votes we have. And although I tested some new contest software over the weekend, making the switch to a new, very different contest format after most of the votes have already been cast, won't really be fair, either.

So I'm going to let the bloggers, themselves, make the final decisions via closed ballot run off. 

This option may not please everyone, but it means we can name the Best Coaching Blog of 2009 with pride and confidence. I've learned a lot from this contest and it will be run very differently next year! 

Thanks to everyone who entered and voted in good faith this year. I hope the introductions to new blogs and the possible awards the bloggers may receive will make this experience overwhelmingly positive!

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