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To Coach or Not to Coach: Tw00tie-weet

Posted by Julia Stewart

Tw00tie Pat00tie

What if marketing was just fun? What if you and your followers/customers/coaching clients knew each other enough and trusted each other enough to just play and have fun? Would your clients be happy with you? Would they come back? Could you make a living?

What if you offered a lot of value while you were having fun? What if you offered a lot of value for free? And then you charged for some of it, some of the time? Would your followers/customers/coaching clients regard you well? Would they come back? Would they bring their friends?

What if you stuck your neck out once and a while? What if your marketing was not only your playground but also your laboratory? Would you be a lot more creative? Would you create more valuable products and services?

What if marketing wasn't manipulative? What if it was just good communication? What if it was about making friends? And occasionally making really good friends by exchanging lots of value? Would business be more fun?

Would business work better? Would money flow more easily? Would you be coaching more?

How can we find out if we don't try? How can you find out? What do you have to lose, anyway? 

We've been experiencing a game called, Tw00t. Some people like it. Some people don't. We're even breaking some of our own rules. If you think you might like to play, click on Tw00tie's face. 

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