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New = Social Networking for Thinkers

Posted by Julia Stewart

The new membership site launches today. Same incredible content - still for free - only now you can talk back. This brings their famous conference to your desktop/laptop/PDA in web 2.0 fashion. From their site:

"TED started out as an annual conference in Monterey devoted to Technology, Entertainment and Design. The content has broadened in recent years, but this annual event is still the main engine that drives TED's success, bringing together 1000 of the world's most remarkable people. The format is fast-paced, with 50+ speakers over four days (plus short talks, performances and evening events). In 2005, an additional conference, TEDGlobal, was inaugurated. It's held every other year, in a different location, focusing on a different theme."

The conference costs thousands to attend, but you can access the same content, including the thoughts of speakers like Al Gore, Bono, Jeff Bezos, Bill Clinton, Jane Goodall, Malcolm Gladwell, Ray Kurzweil, and Anna Deavere Smith - a year or two later - on the site. Which is great. And it means access to cutting edge thought - when it's fresh - takes moulah. At least the "have nots" can have it later and talk to each other about it. This community may just become the lab for tomorrow's cutting-edge thinkers.

"What began as an annual conference in Monterey has grown to a global community, several million strong, focused on exchanging and spreading ideas. Whoever you are, wherever you live, there are several ways to join the TED community ..."

Ted's the web for your head.

Copyright, Julia Stewart, 2007

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