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What's the Real Secret Behind Attraction?

Posted by Julia Stewart

Attraction is everywhere you look these days (must be because it's soooo attractive!)Oprahsays she's been using it all her life. Larry King wants to know more. Bill Mahercalls it 'quackery' and Roseanne Barr says: If Attraction is so effective, how come we can't make the war in Iraq go away?? (Oh, Roseanne, that's not the way it works!)

The real question is: How DOES it work??

The Secret has a brilliant marketing strategy that has helped it reached critical mass in a matter of months AND it doesn't tell the whole story. Not surprisingly, the makers of The Secret are planning to produce more books and films later, which will reveal more details, a little at a time. More power to them! I believe this is the leading edge of a major paradigm shift in the West.

One of the reasons the Law of Attraction doesn't work for some folks is that there are other Laws that work in concert with it. Most people have way too little information to put it all to work effectively.

Wise men from Saint Mark, to Norman Vincent Peale, to Thomas J. Leonard, have been telling us about these laws for years, but most of us weren't ready to hear. 

Maybe you are ready, because you're reading this post!

Have you noticed yet, how Attraction works in your life? It's not magic. I've been using it in my own life, with my clients and recently, in a teleclass program with my colleague, Donna Steinhorn and the stories that I hear from clients and participants are extraordinary! Relationships, opportunities and even money seem to show up like magic - only it's not magic - it's Attraction!

One thing I know about Attraction is that its power is multiplied when people get together and use it. Something about sharing and communicating helps us process out the old ways and fully 'get' the new - and something else happens: A momentum picks up and each person starts experiencing synchronicities that we could never have predicted!

The interesting thing about Thomas Leonard's Principles of Attraction is that they bring together those other Laws that I mentioned, like the Law of Cause and Effect, the Law of Right Action and the Law of Circulation, into a living structure that helps you shape your life naturally in the direction you really want. That's their power and there's nothing 'woo woo' about it.

For a long time now, I've wanted to put together an Advanced Attraction Coaching Group for people who've already studied the Law of Attraction and the Principles of Attraction, so they can synthesize what they know into a powerful strategy for creating what they really want in life, business, relationships and themselves. I can help people get more out of Attraction!

For instance, one thing the Principles of Attraction lack is focus. They are a brilliant evolutionary habitat, but until you've mastered them, you may not understand how to use them to get what YOU really want. And the problem with most Law of Attraction programs is they are TOO focused on managing thoughts and feelings and most people get frustrated and discouraged long before they attract what they want - and quit.

That's where I come in. I've learned how to take the clarity and focus of the Law of Attraction and support it with the powerful systems of the Principles of Attraction and I then I coach people to co-create amazing new realities.

I already have clients who are interested in the new group that I mentioned, but I have room for more. If you're curious, let's talk and find out whether the group program is a fit for you. (I'm not going to try to 'sell' you on this program. I'll just help you find out if it's right for you.)

If you're not a 'group person', but are curious about one-to-one Attraction Coaching, we can set up a complimentary session and see if we 'click'. I'm confident you'll get value from it. 

Here's a comment I got recently from someone who tried a complimentary session with me:

'As a result of my coaching session with Julia I saw with an extremely empowering clarity what I need to do to have the career and life that I want. Thank you Julia!' 
- Tom Robinson, Life Coach for People Living with Chronic Illnesses

If you're open to it, I'd love for you to fill out a feedback form after trying my coaching, to help me continue growing as a coach.

And even if you're not looking for any coaching right now, please do drop a line and tell me what you're experiencing with Attraction. I'm always thrilled to hear from my Fellow Attractors! ;-)

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