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A Stolen Season

Posted by Julia Stewart

I mentioned recently that I was enjoying a "stolen season" (Thank you, Mr. Shakespeare) in NYC for 71/2 weeks. How funny to be home already since moving just last October. It underlines an epiphany I had about a year ago: That I'm a citizen of the planet, not a particular locality. It doesn't matter where I live, so why not be close to family and save on living expenses? NYC just happens to be one of my favorite places to be. 

So here I am living out of a suitcase, while doing a little coaching gig for Fitness Magazine and conducting the rest of my biz via cell phone and laptop. I'm so glad to be here and yet I'm already looking forward to getting back to my new "home". There is a lot of travel like this, in my future.

Everything is so much more intense when we travel, isn't it? We wake up, notice more, learn more, live more. The relative comfort of home gives us a chance to restore, which is equally important, but too much comfort can be a padded cell for the senses. 

I think we all want to live more, to be Fully Alive. We need evolutionary habitats to elicit our aliveness. Travel is an important one. Stimulating people, who co-evolve, are another. Adequate exercise, the right food, spiritual practice; those do it, too.

What changes do you need in your evolutionary habitat, to create your own "Stolen Season"?

Copyright, Julia Stewart, 2006

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