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Do Coaches Need the Blues?

Posted by Julia Stewart

Recently, I decided to further my Spiral Dynamics training by taking a graduate course in it at Adizes Graduate School with Marilyn Hamilton.

I'd already gottern certified by Dr. Don Beck in SDi Levels I&II.

Anyway, while I was studying with Marilyn, I happened to mention that I had found from administering the SDi Values Test to coaches that they consistently score very low in the Blue vMeme, which represents absolute or moralistic values, such as those found in the traditional religions. She mentioned that people with too little Blue often encounter integrity issues, such as bankruptcies and other problems.

That struck a nerve, because integrity was something that I was taught at my coaching school as being especially critical for a coach and yet, I have seen plenty of instances where coaches' integrity seemed compromised.

Blue calls for sacrifice. Something that I think most coaches are loathe to do. Could it be that we need more sacrifice? If so, how would that look? And what are we sacrificing for? What would be the benefit of more sacrifice and who would benefit?

I've already written that clients must feel that they can trust us, before they will hire us. It's even more critical that we deserve that trust, that we live up to it.

I think service is the new sacrifice. From my observations, it's the coaches who are clear that they are in service to the world who have the cleanest energy - and often the most successful businesses!

Another thing that I know from studying the spiral, is that rejection of any of the vMemes can prevent us from evolving forward. It keeps us stuck at a lower level. Since we can only coach those at our own level or lower, it's in the interest of coaches to move up the spiral, if they can.

Perhaps all coaches need to be a bit more blue.

Copyright, Julia Stewart, 2006

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