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Posted by Julia Stewart


I just finished the Coaching Guide for tomorrow's class on Distinctions, part of the Clarifying Module. During the beta-launch, I'm working over time just to keep up! It'll put me ahead of the game in the Fall, though, when the full program launches. The feedback has been wonderful.

I'll be scheduling several more classes over the next few days, including Modules 1: Establishing & Maintaining a Relationship of Trust and 2: Perceiving and Affirming the Client's Potential. Those will be fun! I may also schedule an evening section of Clarifying Module, if enough people want to do it. These Modules will come up in July and August.

Just finished running a survey of the SCM Ad Hoc Advisors on what I should call the upcoming free introductory classes, "Become a Masterful Coach" or "Become a Certified Coach"?

"Become a Masterful Coach" won, 2 to 1!

No surprise, most coaches "get" that certification is a byproduct of mastery. So a class on how to become a masterful coach is automatically a bigger and more inspiring game, because it gets to the heart of why coaches coach. Namely: To generate success for themselves and their clients. Certification is just a measurement of the coach's ability to do this. And of course, a class on mastery can naturally include information on how to get certified in the process of becoming masterful.

The very first "Become a Masterful Coach" eClass will be offered to Ad Hoc Advisors only, later this month. If you'd like to be invited, be sure to join the AHA's (it's free, of course), by clicking the link below.

And if you want updates on the school and upcoming classes, as well as articles and interviews and ~ a bit of humor ~ be sure to subscribe to the Coaching Mastery News, below.

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