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Truth About Life Coaching School Accreditation

Posted by Julia Stewart

Pros and ConsWhile researching keywords for School of Coaching Mastery, I came across the following article, written by a coaching student who researched coaching schools and coaching school accreditations and arrived at pretty much the same conclusions that I did about accreditation, only she writes from the student's perspective and my conclusion is based on an insider's view ~ and that's why we're not seeking accreditation for School of Coaching Mastery.

I originally studied at an accredited coaching school and found that although there was plenty of good material, the certification requirements left me stuck in boring, repetitive classes, in order to graduate and get a plaque to hang on my wall. 
Meanwhile, I also studied at a brilliant new school that wasn't accredited, and found it far more engaging and inspiring. Later, after the school changed hands and names, I taught for it both while it was un-accredited and later when it was applying for accreditation. As a result of accreditation, the already laser-sharp curriculum became bloated with extra classes that added little to students' learning and instead of consistently inspired coaching students, I noticed some coaches seemed to simply be waiting for the end of class to come, so they could get a password to prove they attended.
We chose IAC Coach Certification, because it's based on the quality of the coach's coaching, not on whether they attended an accredited school. IAC doesn't accredit coaching schools, because they want to avoid the conflicts of interest that other organizations have been accused of. IAC does license schools to use the IAC Coaching Masteries(tm).
Here's a link to the "Truth About Life Coaching School Accreditation". I don't know the writer, 
nor am I familiar with the coaching school that the writer chose.
By the way, writing articles like this one and submiting them to sites, like is a great way to become known as a coach.
Copyright, Julia Stewart, 2008 - 2009

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