Coach Valeria Pittaluga, CCC

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Life and Speech Coach

Please let me introduce myself.

I’m an Italian citizen; I was born in Johannesburg quite a few years ago and was raised in New York until my early teens when I and my family returned to Italy.

I didn’t stop moving when I grew up and have had the wonderful fortune to live in lots of great places and learn, first hand, about different cultures other than my own, including 21 years in Spanish speaking countries.

I started teaching English while still a student, to make some pocket money and have never stopped since then.

As I was seeking new ways to strengthen my English teaching strategy I decided to embrace the coaching profession. I did this to strengthen my teaching framework, which didn’t just focus on the academic aspect of learning a language, but also on the personal development of my students and clients.

Today I’m a professional Speech Coach and this is the logic consequence of my extensive teaching experience. I’m pursuing the Positive Psychology Coaching Certification and today, I’m working with exciting and interesting people, committed to sharing their own unique message (whether they know it, yet, or not) all over the world.

My main aim is to help people communicate at inspiring and masterful levels. My job is a dynamic and expanding workplace where motivation and awareness are promoted. My attention is focused on my client’s learning process. This way I can ensure development and proficiency.

I’m an energetic and highly motivated individual with strong language skills, communicating effectively at all levels. I’m interested in new ideas and concepts, to develop innovative and creative solutions to problems. I have the right levels of dedication and commitment required, to achieve objectives and meet tight deadlines.

I will be delighted to help you meet your next challenge in your life! Whichever that might be.


To request a complimentary coaching session with Coach Valeria Pittaluga, Click Here.