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If you're a professional coach (or you've trained to become one) and your coaching business doesn't look quite the way you want (in other words, you still want more coaching clients), something needs to change. If so, I hope you'll allow me be frank with you, because I can help.

If your business, your clients and your income don't absolutely light you up, then something is a little rotten and I don't mean Denmark.

More than likely, that something is YOU. I don't really mean you're rotten. In fact, I think you're magnificent. But to succeed as a coach, you first need to dump your garbage. By definition, your garbage is rotten and it's stinking up your business.

GARBAGE: n. Def: Stuff you don't need. Stuff that used to be good, but isn't, anymore. Stuff that piles up and gets in the way. Stuff that stinks up your house and makes everybody sick if don't take it out.

You wouldn't live in a house full of garbage, but your head may be full of garbage that's stopping you from having the coaching business of your dreams.

The tragedy is that you are truly Great. But your garbage stinks. And it's stopping you from showing up Great.

This is garbage that:

• Keeps you too confused to act decisively
• Makes it hard to charge what you're really worth
• Keeps you on a perpetual merry-go-round, always pursuing MORE
• Keeps you focused on your marketing, instead of signing on clients
• Propels you to chase after clients, but not actually catch them
• Makes you wonder if you'll ever succeed as a coach
• Keeps you under-paid and over-worked
• Burns you out and obliterates your Greatness

If any of the above sounds familiar, you've got garbage. The reason I know, is that I've handled tons of my own garbage and helped hundreds of coaches dump theirs and move on to success.

If you are perpetually seeking the next expert, system or program that'll provide you with what you need to succeed, then you'll never find it, because YOU, minus your garbage is all you need.  

Ready to take out the garbage? When you move your garbage out of the way, what's left is your Personal Greatness, that aspect of you that naturally responds with awareness to what's needed, instead of reacting out of fear, playing small, holding back and clinging to your comfort zone the way someone with OCD might cling to old newspapers and other junk.

Your garbage, aka junk, stuff, belief system (BS), perspective, old paradigms, etc., may have been extraordinarily helpful at one point. It becomes garbage when it no longer serves you.

The tough thing is that as 21st Century Human Beings, our lives are changing so fast that what served us last year has already become our garbage. Even what served us 5 minutes ago could be getting in the way. We need to continually move, transform and recycle the old in order to make room for what we most need and want.

Would you like me to help you with your garbage? I can do it. The best way is for you to join me for the:

COACH 100 MENTOR GROUP: Get Out of Your Garbage and Into Your Greatness

What is it? I'll coach a group of up to 10 coaches who have each pledged eliminate, dump or recycle all of their garbage for six months, show up Great and fill their coaching practices with paying clients. We'll meet three times each month for 75 minutes. No excuses.

I've been helping coaches do this for years, but I'm upping the ante (way up!), because it's time to haul last year's recession (and any residual fallout) to the dump and metaphorically BURN it!

I'm filling this group coaching program for up to 10 coaches, right now. Together, we will eliminate, recycle or dump the garbage that is stinking up your coaching business.

• Without your garbage, you're Great. We'll bring your Greatness out, week after week.
• You may still need training, even though you're Great. We'll give what you need or show you where to get it.
• Even with training and Greatness, you'll need a good plan. We'll help you make a plan that works for you.
• Even with training, Greatness and a plan, you need focused action. You'll commit to that action and we'll hold your feet to the fire.
• Even with training, Greatness, a good plan and focused action, you need to show up again and again. We'll require your commitment to keep showing up.
• Even if you fail at first, you need to get up and do it again, over and over.
• This could be tough, but we'll make it fun and fascinating.
• With all of the above you will succeed.

Ready to take out the garbage and get the clients you want? Are you ready enough that you'll make an investment in your business that will pay you back ten fold, month after month, year after year?

• Don't sign up for this program unless you're ready to fill your coaching practice by the end of this July.
• Don't sign up for this program unless you're ready to handle your garbage once and for all.
• Don't sign up for this program unless you're willing to step into your Greatness week after week.
• And don't sign up for this program unless you're ready to commit to sticking with it for the full six months or until you succeed. No excuses.

Why am I telling you NOT to sign up without all of the above?

• Because I don't have a magic wand.
• Because this powerful group will only work for you if you are 100% engaged.
• Because any half-committed members of the group will weigh the rest of us down.
• Because a coaching group of up to 10 professional coaches who are all sailing through their Greatness to manifest their dreams has awesome power.
• Because it'll take all my strength (and I do have a lot) just to pilot this ship.

The Coach 100 Mentor Group includes, at no extra charge, the Coach 100 Business Success Program:

• In addition to six months of group coaching, you'll get all six one-month modules of Coach 100 classes. That's a total of 24 one-hour tele-webinars. All targeted at helping you build your coaching business. Attend live or via recording. You'll get corresponding Coaching Guides, too.
• Plus, you'll get a free coach listing on our website, plus the innovative Coach 100 Feedback System to help you build your business.
• You see, every member of the Coach 100 Mentor Group is required to make a pledge to Coach 100 people in six months or less. We'll show you how to leverage those sessions into a full coaching practice, doing it your own way.
• I'm so confident in the Coach 100 Business Success Program that if you DON'T fill your coaching business in six months or less, I'll give you an ADDITIONAL six months in it, so you can.
• When you've coached 100 people, School of Coaching Mastery will give you the Certified Experienced Coach (CEC) designation, at no extra charge.

Wendy Y Bailey ‘I went through the Coach 100 Program with Julia Stewart and loved every minute. If you want to learn to coach, the best way is to actually coach. Great program to encourage and inspire you to become a really great coach with amazing accountability. WOOHOO!!' - Wendy Y. Bailey, CEC


Wendy posted the above unsolicited testimonial spontaneously on Facebook on 1-5-2010. She not only filled her coaching business within six months with Coach 100, she got so many clients that she had to hire other members of the program, just to coach them all! Not a single coach has ever finished this program without getting clients.

This is a coaching program that will help you fill your coaching practice this year AND get certified.

How much fun, satisfaction, fulfillment and money will you have when your coaching practice is full?

And how much will all this cost you? Nothing, if you genuinely work the program. Your new clients will more than pay you back ten times over. But you do need to invest your time, effort, money and possibly some discomfort. Are you willing?

Here are the details:

  • The mentor group will meet by phone three times per month from 2 - 3:15 PM Eastern/NY Time beginning Wednesday, Feb 10th and continuing through July. You can definitely fill your coaching business by then.
  • In addition, you have access to the Coach 100 practice-building Tele-webinar classes. Listen to the prerecorded classes 24/7 or attend the live classes,  which meet four times per month from 2 - 3 PM Eastern/NY Time.
  • You'll get all the written coaching guides, full of exercises to give you clarity and inspiration.
  • We'll add your own web page to our site, which is well optimized for search engines.
  • You'll get your own private feedback system, so you'll learn from everyone you coach, plus get testimonials, referrals and paying clients.

The full six month program, with everything you see above is $1350 or you can pay $290 per month in six payments (total $1740). (The Coach 100 tele-webinars alone, would cost you $1050.).

BONUS: ONLY for the next 2 coaches who sign up: Get a 60-minute coaching session ($300 value) with me.

2nd BONUS: The world's best Sales & Marketing Coach, Mattison Grey, will guest coach you.

If you're a current student at School of Coaching Mastery or a current member of Coach 100 Business Success, you may qualify for deep discounts.

Fill Your Coaching Business with Coach 100: Get Out of Your Garbage and Into Your Greatness.

Registration is now closed for this program.

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For questions, email Julia Stewart or call 877-224-2780.