Certified Coach Training

Training for the business or life coach who wants coach certification

Get Your Life Coach & Business Coach Certification Faster. Certified Life Coach

If you're already an experienced or trained coach who is looking to upgrade your coaching skills to mastery and/or you want to get certified by the ICF, the School of Coaching Mastery's Certified Coach Training Program (CCTP) is the most comprehensive life & business coach certification  training.

We will also prepare you for School of Coaching Mastery's own Certified Master Coach (SCM-CMC) designation at no extra charge.  We help you prepare for ICF Coach Certifications.

We have a flexible class schedule. Take the modules (courses) you want when you want. All tele-webinars (teleclass + optional online webinar presentation) in this program are two hours long. Classes are taught Monday - Thursday between 10 AM Eastern/NY Time - 10 PM Eastern/NY Time. And you have access to the class recordings and written materials 24/7. If you don't need a course in order to get certified, you're not required to take it.

If you want complete coach training, including Foundations, Personal Development and Business Development, our Ultimate Coach Training Program (300+ hours) includes the Certified Coach Training Program, plus quite a lot more. More info about the Ultimate Coach Training Program here.



CCTP Certified Coach Training Program (100+ hours of advanced coach training via tele-webinar) View more details of this coach training program here.

* SCM Master Coach Training Program

* Seven Secrets of Certification (1 module 8 hr)

* Mastery Express (All 9 Masteries introduced in one 8 hr module)

* Ethics for Coaches (mini-module 4 hr)

* Certified Coach Practicum (Take up to three times for a total of 24 Hr)

* Certification Bootcamp recordings (9 one-hour classes)

* Master What the Certifiers Are Looking For (8-hour recorded module with 2 IAC Certifiers - Hear a 30-minute coaching session that passed)

* Written materials are included; no textbooks to buy

* Discounts on Live Events

* Discounts on mentor coaching with IAC Certified Coaches

* Membership in the Mastery Coach Exchange

* SCM Coach Certification at no extra charge

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Register and make payments for a total of only $3995USD

Pay all at once and SAVE $400. Only $3595.

 Call +1-866-944-4709 to pay by phone or check.

CCTP installment plans available. Call or email for details. See details below.


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